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Y&R: Location Shoot

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On 5/11/2017 at 1:07 PM, Gray Bunny said:

I sure loved that on-location shot of a back alley dumpster a couple weeks back. Such a glamorous location for their special guest star, Erika Jayne from RHOBH. 


The old Jack (Terry Lester's) would've been bedding that real estate agent by now.  A thought that came to mind when I first saw the realtor pop up on the show. When she was showing Devon the penthouse spaces, Jack would've been wining and dining her and by the time she was trying to sell that warehouse to Abby, she would've been bedmates with Abby's uncle Jack. That was how classic 'Smilin' Jack used to operate.





@cassadine1991 It is a shame that CBS and daytime in general never found a way to do a well positioned cross-over every now and then.


My guess that shooting schedules probably diverge wildly, complicating schedules and therefore complicate opportunities for collaborations between shows.  

These productions can barely organize half-way complex storylines withing their own individual soap, let alone manage a full-fledged storyline with another soap.


I can think of several instances where it would've been nice if various CBS shows could've collaborated and crossed-over between shows over the decades.

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26 minutes ago, cassadine1991 said:

@DramatistDreamer it's funny because I was able to craft a few in my head of a Y&R/B&B crossover. Of course it also involved characters I thought up


I understand because I often did this with ATWT and GL. Since both shows  occurred in towns supposedly in close proximity (in the same state) and had prominent doctors, nurses, a hospital as well as business titans, I found it surprisingly easy to use existing characters in my invented scenarios. Seemed it was all there. LOL.

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