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Carrie Fisher passes away

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Love that her urn is a giant prozac pill :wub:


Ended up watching The Force Awakens again last night and man, it's so sad she's gone. Still hard to believe.

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28 minutes ago, Cheap21 said:

prozac pill? I dont get it


She joked and talked a lot about her meds and she essentially said she would not have been able to function without them. She bought that urn for her house (it's from the '50s apparently). Some are saying she asked to be buried in it but I didn't get that impression from what her family said. I think they just thought it was fitting for her. 

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This new Vanity Fair piece on The Last Jedi is heavy on the cast and crew discussing Carrie's death - IIRC, it was done right after she passed away.

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Carrie Fisher died of sleep apnea and other "undetermined factors," the Los Angeles County coroner said in a statement Friday.

The actor and writer, who rose to fame as Star Wars' Princess Leia in 1977, died on Dec. 27 after going into cardiac arrest on a flight to Los Angeles from London. Her mother, actor Debbie Reynolds, died the following day.


On Friday, the Los Angeles County Department of Medical-Examiner Coroner released its initial findings, which did not conclusively determine a single cause of death for Fisher, who was 60. The report noted that she had sleep apnea, as well as hardening of her arteries. The report also noted she had taken multiple drugs, but investigators could not determine if they had contributed to her death.


The full autopsy report and toxicology screening has not been released.


"The manner of death has been ruled undetermined," the coroner's statement said.

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