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Y&R Promo: Fall Preview


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Melissa Egan looks like [!@#$%^&*] with blonde hair, honestly, and anytime she tries to play the heroine - which is most of her Y&R run - she's [!@#$%^&*] at it. Early Annie was terrible, most of Chelsea's run is terrible. She's talented, but she can't do that stuff and I wish they'd stop trying to force her into that role.

The truth is that her character is not very deep, not very well-designed and was stuck playing the foil to Adam and the slampiece to other men. They hired her as a get from ABC. They have no real plan for her beyond those shallow roles. It's a waste and I'd just as soon see her go unless some amazing writer comes along to make the character unique and fleshed-out. Which will not happen.

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