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They all suck. Part 2 looks good as Stassi Loses it

kristen/tom is toxic. I feel they need therapy to move on

They play each other. They say they still love each other but throw their new hookups in each others face

I just came to this show this season but what is so great about Stassi?

I dont find anyone on this show to even be tolerable.

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IA that I also think Kristen has mental issues and Im not being funny. She really needs to see a shrink for real.

Lets talk hair! Scheanna was KILLING it with her ombre. She looked gorgeous; the best out of all the females. Katie? Her hair was too dark and boring. She looked awful as a blonde this season but she went too dark and her style was so bland. On the flipside, Stassi was too damn blonde and her hair looked a mess. I cant stand her, but Kristen's looked great. The second best looking of the girls.

Yay for Tom and Ariana being together if only bc of how awful it makes Kristen feel. I know thats mean but I dont care.

WTF is up with Andy's beard? It ages him 10 years and its not a good look on him at all.

LMAO at Lisa just sitting there smiling, trying to hold back her laughter at all that mess

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Not yet but I did see the first 5 minutes.


Love that they updated the opening and that Arianna and Tom have been added bc I like them too. Ugh to Kristen being back. I have to say that the cast shot though looks bloated now. They can barely fit everyone in!

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Re: Kristen. Every show needs its crazy. ph34r.png

That said, love Stassi in the opening with the petal in the drink. Just so diva.

I managed to watch and wow. Nice start.

And yes, that pic does look bloated.

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