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DAYS: Mystery photo...the mystery 6...who are they??

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You were the closest of all the guesses on all the boards!! They were all Sami Brady. :)




"Days" fans were certainly not expecting to see this "reunion." A half hour after posting a photo of the "mystery six", people sent in many guesses (Nurses, Body Dou...bles, Waitresses, Candy Stripers, etc...), but no one realized that they were looking at the same character...all six actresses to have played Sami Brady as a child!

While Alison Sweeney has spent the past 21 years as Sami Brady on "Days", there were six other actresses to play Sami as a child. Now, for the first time online, here are recent photos of all the six former Sami's! Photos above in order of playing Sami: TOP ROW: Ronit Aranoff, Lauren Bundy, Jessica Davis. BOTTOM ROW: Tiffany Palma, Ashleigh Sterling, Christina Wagoner. Let's see what they've been up to since leaving "Days"...

Ronit Aranoff, who played Sami for just one episode (for Sami's birth scenes in 1984) has remained in acting (mostly in theater) all throughout her life. She now lives in New York and has worked mainly in theater since graduating college. Her website states that she is now getting ready to return to acting in front of the camera.

Lauren Bundy (Sami # 2, 1984-1985), as per her LinkedIn page, did quite well in her academic career, recently graduating with a master's degree in nonfiction writing (and a perfect 4.0 grade point average!) from New School University. She also has spent time in Chile studying Chilean literature.

Jessica Davis (Sami # 3, 1985-1986) has kept a low profile on the web. She now works for a school district in California.

Tiffany Palma (Sami # 4, 1986) graduated from high school in 2001 and seems to have kept a low profile on the web since then. She is now married but that's about the only fact that could be found out about her.

Ashleigh Sterling (Sami # 5, 1986-1990) was a series regular on "The Family Man" and "Getting By" as well as appearing in many other shows as a child. When she turned 13, she stopped acting to focus on school. After attending Santa Ana College, her LinkedIn page states that she is now a baker, and now that she's finished with school, she's ready to get back into acting.

The last actress to play Sami before Alison Sweeney took over the role in 1993 was Christina Wagoner (Sami # 6, 1990-1992). She continued with her acting career for a few years, and even appeared as a teenage Abigail Deveraux in a dream sequence on "Days" in 1997. She is now a health care administration specialist.

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I got it! (sort of) I'm so proud. And now maybe Sami won't shoot me in the head.

I had a feeling #5 was the one who would have the most professional experience. She has that look. She reminds me a little of Brittany Murphy (RIP).

Quite an eclectic group. A soap magazine should have them all meet, with Sweeney.

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I posted a picture of him recently on my FB page (a pic of him from like 2011 or 2012). He was pretty hard to track down. But there were some pics on a FB page recently of him traveling overseas. I don't remember exactly since I didn't do a search recenlty, but I think he's kept a VERY low profile since he left the show in 1995.

I just lucked out with the 6 Sami's, that all 6 had recent pics of themselves on the web.

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