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AMC - Meet Alicia Minshew (the beloved ex-Kendall) pictorial

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Surprised AMDatGH hasn't posted this yet...lol



What a beautiful pictorial. LMAO at her obsession with hats. Oh and her daughter is adorable. I didn't know she was doing voiceover work. Good for her. She seems to be really enjoying it


Standing in the center like the diva she is. She is rocking that dress. One step closer to her inevitable return....

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She's the most flawless of them all. She's so lovable in that interview. The pictures with her family are gorgeous. Her daughter truly is a little mini-me. Just beautiful!

DAMN TRUE thread name, Cheap! Yes indeed she's beloved!

I can't wait til SON's girl is back, I'm dying to know when her return date is!

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