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Y&R: November 2012 Discussion Thread

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Just thought of something. I still have yet to ever see a clip of Kent King as Dru or Scott Seymour as Billy.

YOu didn't miss a thing.

Kent King was merely a place holder and just read Dru's lines as she filled in on maybe two occassions when Dru had no meaty material. Scott Seymour was very much laughed at online - I didn't find him taht bad though.

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I wanted her to beat that bitch Geneleave but Billy prevented it last time.

LOL i saw tomorrow's episode, and let me just say the way they ushered out Geneieave was just sooo lazy, like Abby, It's like someone couldn't get rid of them fast enough, at least Heather's write out was pretty decent.

Jill's entrance was great though, and Jess has grown her hair a little bit longer.....Uggh I wish Tucker would die though, no use for him....

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