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90s R&B Groups


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Damn Cheap, you shoulda just made this a 90's Music Thread

Mmmmmm.... where do I start. I'll add in more after someone else posts since idk how to appropriately work some of these YT links.

Here's one of my faves... LOVED Blackstreet and this song definitely holds a special place in my heart.

SWV was always good but they definitly had me bumping this when I first heard it... I loved that they mixed it with MJ.

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I agree. I loved the R&B music of the 90's. It was so good and I love listening to it. Brownstone's "5 miles to Empty" just makes me feel so good.

I loved other groups including "Changing Faces".




Though he is not an a group, I love Joe. His "All That I Am" album had jam, after jam, after jam on it. Some of my favorite songs from that album include "Good Girls", "The Love Scene" and "All The Things" ("Your Man Won't Do")

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