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Erica Vs.Dorian Vs. Jill

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Ok, so most of us all know and love or rather LOVE TO HATE these 3 popular characters, IMO I feel like these 3 stand out because even though they are all different, I've discovered that they all shared a lot of the same traits (The obvious one being they are/were the Bitch of the show)

Even though they do bad things, have various affairs and are pretty much nasty to half the other characters, they provided a lot of comic relief which made you love to hate these characters. I know Jill through and through, but i've been sampling quite a bit of early AMC/OLTL and I guess the reason I decided to create this topic is because like I said, even though they are obviously different I feel like these women are kind of alike in some way,

I know that Erica and Dorian were kind of set out to become the show's main antagonist or anti-heroine from the start, and that is a factor that I know they stuck with till the show's end (as far as I know since I wasn't a regular ABC soap viewer) and both were always extremely campy and over the top.

Then there's Jill who of course started out not being a bitch, but overtime thanks to Brenda Dickson, and Jess Walton became the show's main vixen/bitch who was also really campy, of course thanks to the newer head writers that part of her has been destroyed (even though she still kind of has some of that bitchiness to her)

It has been said that Jill compares more with Dorian, since those 2 characters were recasted the most and almost seem to have the exact same story arch of forming a rivalry with another main character that lasts for more than 3 decades (Jill/Kay and Viki/Dorian) I know Erica's main rival has always been Brooke, but for some reason it doesn't seem like AMC was that bent on making the show evolve around a lifelong rivialry like Y&R and OLTL.

SO i guess what I'm trying to ask, is for those of you who watched these 3 women, did you ever feel like they were similar in some way?

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Dorian was a very dark character, and was created that way. The last years of her sort of obscure this.

Jill started out as an ingenue and we saw her burdened and broken and then become a much harder person. The level of campery which crept in by the mid-80s hide some of the scars but we got this again with Jill in the last decade.

Erica probably remained the same throughout her time on AMC, as there was often an effort to make sure she never grew up.

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