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Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kendall Hart thread


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I'm new here and I have so many great photos, scans and articles to share with Sarah M. Gellar / Kendall.

Please make a comment, exchange, upgrade or just post everything You have about SMG as Kendall.


I will start with some stills!


Kendall with her small birthmark

Kendall and Mona






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Nice photos from the Wedding #1 with Dimitri:

Soap Opera Mag Clipping







1995 january Soap Opera Digest


and this is from SOM June 29 -1993 - rare:)




IT WAS "Backstage Whispers at Erica & Dimitri's Engagement Party" - ANYONE???

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Ah, my SMG - a.k.a.: the best damn Kendall Hart that show ever had, as far as I'm concerned.

True dat! What I loved the most about Sarah Michelle Gellar is that during her short two years in the role you always got the feeling that she was a tad bit (if not a whole lot!) clinically insane. I mean, she was just bonkers and justified her actions, every damned crazy one of them. LOL

Never got that with Alicia Minshew. She was just there. In the role seven years after Gellar departed. That's all I can say about Minshew.

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When I saw who was playing the lead in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" I decided to watch it, and was hooked on it from beginning to end. SMG was incredible as Kendall. When the writers and directors, and production, AND the actress can get you to gasp and holler at the TV (which I did during the trial when Kendall wheeled her biological father into the courtroom), you've got soap opera magic. Alisha Minshew and the re-write of Kendall both stunk. Why TPTB bothered to bring Kendall back into the story without SMG is beyond me. I'll say one thing for Ms. Minshew, though: she must have had one hell of a good publicist. I was so disgusted with my beloved AMC that I stopped watching in the 2000's, but a co-worker was still watching, and shared her Soap Opera Digests with me. I swear that Minshew woman was mentioned in every issue!

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I have to lol at the fan from the magazine clipping calling Kendall the daughter from hell. After watching episodes from that era that is exactly what she was. Kendall did not stop after getting a few Ws...she kept going. She was a piece of work. I really dislike the term "soapy" but I don't know how else to explain why her twisted scheming was entertaining. 

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