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  1. Can I ask everyone to post old soap magazines clippings with Sarah Michelle Gellar? I'm interested in EVERYTHING about her All My Children Days during 1993-1995. It's so hard to get now. I will share some too. Thanks for help.
  2. Nice photos from the Wedding #1 with Dimitri: Soap Opera Mag Clipping 1995 january Soap Opera Digest and this is from SOM June 29 -1993 - rare:) DOES ANYONE HAVE SCANS FROM 5-4-93 Soap Opera Update (MATTHEW ASHFORD-KIMBERLIN BROWN COVER) ??? IT WAS "Backstage Whispers at Erica & Dimitri's Engagement Party" - ANYONE???
  3. some articles and stills from early episodes with Kendall Erica vs. Kendall + more articles nice looking Erica
  4. Hi, I'm new here and I have so many great photos, scans and articles to share with Sarah M. Gellar / Kendall. Please make a comment, exchange, upgrade or just post everything You have about SMG as Kendall. AND ENJOY! I will start with some stills! Kendall with her small birthmark Kendall and Mona Opening
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