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Y&R: Two Men Likely Out

Chris B

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As long as Lauren doesn't move with him!

I'm sure Michael and Lauren would try a commuter marriage, at least for awhile. Michael would visit her in GC regularly (but offscreen), and vice-versa. Then, Lauren begins to feel alone and vulnerable, so she ends up in bed with Nick, her new business partner in a line of signature merchandise, which she develops after Jill successfully pushes her out of her late father's empire. Fen discovers the two, so he gets even by "leaking" photos to a rag owned by Spencer Publications (B&B crossover!). Then, Michael comes back to confront Lauren. Lauren begs Michael for another chance; he says no. However, as he is on his way to tell Lauren he has changed his mind about divorcing, tragedy strikes: he is killed in a head-on collision with another driver. And Lauren is left believing Michael gave up on their marriage.

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