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DAYS & the 1940 Census: Frances Reid, Ted Corday & many more!

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In this second release of "Days" records from the 1940 census: Ralph Waite (Father Matt), Shirley Jones (Colleen Brady), Stanley Brock (Howie Hoffstedder), Robert Alda (Stuart Whyland...and Alan Alda's dad), Elizabeth Harrower (head writer and mother of Susan Seaforth Hayes), James Luisi (Duke Johnson), Jay Robinson (Monty Dolan), Jeanne Bates (Anne Peters), Wesley Addy (Dr. Eric Cooper), Robert Knapp (Ben Olson, Julie's dad), Nina Laemmle (head writer of the mass exodus of characters in 1980), and actor Fred Rapport. Find out why Mr. Rapport holds a special place in "Days" history.

If you missed the first batch earlier this week, be sure to check out the records of of series creators Ted & Betty Corday, original cast member Frances Reid (Alice Horton), plus Jed Allan (Don Craig), Frank Parker (Grandpa Shawn Brady), Wayne Heffley (Vern Scofield), John Ingle (Mickey Horton), Patricia Barry (Addie Horton), Mark Tapscott (Bob Anderson) and Regina Gleason (Kitty Horton).Find out what job Ted Corday was doing before he got into show business, plus see which Oscar-winning screenwriter lived in the same apartment as Frances Reid!

All that and more at http://www.jason47.com

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