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B&B Promo - Bill/Steffy/Deacon/Hope/Liam

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    • USANetwork U.S. Figure Skating Championships Saturday January 28 8 ET PM 7 CT PM ⛸ 
    • I always liked Harley dancing in the opening and the crescendo at the end but I think I'm considerably more partial to the '80s GL theme (does it have a name? idk if it was Jack Urbont but it came after the disco mess) vs. Hold On To Love today. This is the one I mean (timestamped). They kept it til '90, I guess (the later one is faster and more synth, and I liked it too). I also always really liked the haunting light through the trees/Ritournelle. It was mysterious and kept the tone for me with the Dobsons/Marland's stuff. I knew AMC (still overbudget, having moved to California) was in real trouble when they dumped the masterful scrapbook opening and basically xeroxed GL's horrible PowerPoint slide, BTW:  
    • I'll never understand why they dumped the '80s ATWT theme. I always hated the cornfield opening. The overly dramatic music did not match the stories at all.
    • RHUGT rumor   This is why you dont invite Brandi anywhere..she is too much. Oddly surprised it isn't Alex rumored to have left early..but she's getting her PhD so I'm sure she views this as an assignment lol Please register in order to view this content
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