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Mods, I'm not sure where to put this per se, so feel free to move it, if need be.

Has anyone else ever heard of this brilliant work of culture?

It's a novel, which I'm currently reading and loving. It's a fully scored musical on Broadway, in Chicago and on tour nationwide. For the Rentheads, Idina Menzel was the star of the show in the original cast, playing Elphaba Thropp, the girl who was born green and very different, who one day, because of politics and social stress, becomes The Wicked Witch Of The West. Young Galinda Upperland, who changes her name to Glinda to appease Elphaba and her cause for Animal (That's animals that are like people. This is Oz we're talking about!) rights. A former professor, an Animal (goat), of theirs could never say her name correctly. It's a beautiful story of these two women's friendship, despite the adveristy to diversity they face throughout their lives. The soundtrack is stand alone great composition. I never stop listening to it. It's an addiction, I tell you!

Just the other day, I got a link to the libretto online and I read the whole show. Wonderful. Just wonderful. In a world where 'The Wizard Of Oz' is a must-see classic for kids, seeing a whole other side of the story is just brilliant. As one of the people behind the scenes is quoted as saying, though I'll paraphrase, it's just like they took the camera and showed us what was going over there, just a few inches off-camera.

The show has a few Tony's and a Grammy under it's belt, to say the least. And I'm not one to boast award shows, but it's more than well-deserving. I will be seeing it in April, when the tour comes to Boston.

Any other Wicked fans on here?

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