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Hey everyone, good news!

I wanted to let you know that there's a new soap series coming to town that should be pretty good. It's called "Proper Manors" and it's starring some big names like Anne Sward (Lyla Montgomery in AWT), Guy Narduilli (YR, GH, Passions), Hunter Gomez (new to soaps, but been in a lot of movies), Matthew Borlenghi (DOL, AMC, BB) and many, many others.

Proper Manors is a soap opera about a group of recently graduated teenagers in the small town of Proper, USA who have just graduated from high school and begin to discover that all of them have merely been pawns in the games the adults of Proper play. Proper is ultimately a story about two best friends that struggle to maintain their friendship against all the factors that are pulling them apart and struggle to also find their own ways in life. It's an homage to 1980's daytime and prime time soap operas with a modern day twist peppered with just enough of a Twin Peaks influence to keep the whole community connected.

It's been gaining a lot of recognition and a lot of momentum quickly. Although it was slated for the web, networks are currently looking into airing the weekly show and we couldn't be more excited. Funding is growing, people are talking and the cast/crew has grown from a dozen to well over a hundred and is still growing. This is truly going to be good!

Hopefully you are as excited to hear the news of a new series coming as we are putting it together. I know the producers have a sincere love for the soap genre and are dedicated to keeping soaps alive. I am actually an actor in the show and haven't been this excited to be a part of a show in...well...ever. The masses are gathering and we are determined to deliver. We're always looking to you, the fans for support and we know you'll enjoy all the drama and excitement Proper will bring. So check out some of the previews and snippets, talk with some of the actors on twitter and make a donation if you feel so inclined. And of course, let us know what you think!

Proper Manors Website


Follow on Twitter: @ProperManors

Make a donation to help us keep soaps alive

CNN iReport article about Proper Manors

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