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I was listening to a radio show and they played a brief song by a group called Reverb Motherfuckers. It's a brief soundbite from Joan, followed by Robin Leach saying "Joan Collins...always." They sent me an MP3 of it. It doesn't seem to be on Youtube anywhere so I guess it would be taken down on there. If anyone wants me to send them the file I will. 

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On 9/28/2020 at 6:26 AM, DRW50 said:

Rupert Everett shares a story from his memoirs about the agonies of a film he made on Oscar Wilde. Toward the end he mentions that Joan was a true friend as she and Percy went to see his movie in spite of less-than-ideal conditions.




Rupert was interviewed for a British-made doc on Joan that used to air all the time on the Ovation network. My big takeaway from Rupert's comments was that, "Joan has a big dick."

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I've already posted this in the Covid-19 thread, but I think it's important that people see a familiar face taking a vaccination. Dame Joan Collins publicized her receipt of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine through the British National Health Service:



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Dame Joan is All of Us.




"Even the great and good are struggling during lockdown. I hear that Dame Joan Collins contacted the police yesterday after being confronted by the sight of scaffolders with no face coverings climbing all over her flat in London’s Belgravia.

‘Woke up to find two workmen on my balcony not wearing masks and several of them maskless all over the building putting scaffolding up,’ declared the startled Dynasty star.

Their presence was particularly alarming because of the efforts she and her husband, producer Percy Gibson, had made to self-isolate during the present lockdown restrictions.
‘Being careful to quarantine and having no contact with people,’ she added. ‘Why should others invade my quarantine?’

Metropolitan Police officers wasted no time in heading over to the couple’s home. ‘They are talking to Joan outside now,’ said Percy as I spoke to him on the phone.

‘What is so annoying is that these works are unnecessary. Surely, they could have waited until lockdown is over. Are they really essential?

‘I can understand works taking place to repair gas mains or build houses, but not this, which is external redecoration to make a house pretty.’ "



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5 hours ago, DaytimeFan said:

@Cat @DRW50 @Gray Bunny @SFK @Bright Eyes @I Am A Swede @Taoboi


Joan attended a small birthday party held for Liza Minnelli (everyone attending is fully vaccinated and therefore are in compliance with CDC guidelines).


Joan is 88 in May. Liza is 75...




Heck. If I was a 70-something/80-something Hollywood icon, the first thing I would do after my vaccine doses had settled would be to organise a singalong at Liza's swank Bel Air abode!


Joan is so spry at 88. Look at her in her skinny trousers and (I presume) high heels bopping away.


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