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Paul Raven

Ratings from the 60's

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The show was hurt by too many of its popular characters who were in a love quadruple leaving the show: Donna Mills, Leslie Charleston, David Birney, and (eventually) Ed Power. Their replacements (Michael Hawkins, Tom Fuccello, Veleka Gray, Barbara Stanger, Brett Halsey) were not as popular with the audience.

Also, Ira and Jane Avery divorced. CBS, the owner of the show, wanted them to continue to write the show. However, one of them (Jane, I believe) refused to work with the other, and CBS did not want Ira Avery to write the show by himself.

So, a change of headwriters was necessitated. Jane and Ira Avery had introduced the Garrison family (Margaret, Chandler, Spencer, Nancy, Sarah, Jean and Jean's son Andy) into the story, and they were quite popular. The Hale family was introduced next, but that family fizzled. (I think that the family should have stayed around longer and been given more to do.) The Chernak family was then introduced. Mrs. Chernak eventually married into the Donnelly family, as had Helen Elliott.

In 1972, when Procter and Gamble made demands of CBS for the timeslot, the show was moved into the former timeslot of The Edge of Night. The decision was made to turn the show into a crime-mystery since The Edge of Night had been so popular there. Both shows were hurt by the moves that CBS made.

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Variety October 11th 1967

In its 2nd week Love Is A Many Splendored Thing had a 7.6 to be beaten by DOOL 8.3

The Doctors had a 9.5 to Art Linkletter's 9.2 - the first time TD had beaten Linkletter.

And then at 3 AW beat To Tell The Truth.

The first time CBS daytime dominance had been threatened.

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First 2 weeks of March 1962

1. ATWT 12.1

2. Concentration 11.9

3. House Party 10.9

4. Password 10.3

5. The Guiding Light 10.2

6. The Price Is Right 9.7

7. Search for Tomorrow 9.5

8. Make Room for Daddy 9.5

9. Millionaire 9.5

10. NBC Daytime News (5 minute update) 8.5

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Nov 67


2. AW

3. SFT

4. The Doctors

5. TGL

6. You Don't Say

7. House Party

8. Dick Van Dyke

9. Secret Storm

10. Love of Life

So NBC was making inroads from 2.30 - 4.00 TD,AW,You Don't Say

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March 1966


CBS had all of the Top 10 and had its best ratings 1.30 - 3.00 pm. The closest competitor was NBC's You Dont Say with an 11.0 rating.


1.30 ATWT 16.0

2.00 Password 16.6

2.30 House Party 16.6

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