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Should I do this...I don't know if this is the right forum.

Ryan Chamberlain

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I wrote a sitcom script years ago called 'Life's A Bleach and Then You Dye'

The premise is about a family man who's wife walks out on him to become a nun. He also loses his job as a gym coach at a high school...and has no way to support his family until his gay brother decides to start a hair salon. He's forced to work there to take care of his kids and hi jinks ensue.

I had the cast set out with one exception. The guy in my avatar. The great Michael E. Knight play the lead.

I set it for Peri Gilpin to play his ex wife...who's name is Tallulah. And, the first episode where she decided to leave and become a nun is called 'Hallelujah Tallulah'

The brother I wanted to be played by Tony Hale of Arrested Development (he played Buster on there)

And, then I wanted Kirsten Wiig as one of the hairstylists at the salon.

I have the script written. I want this to happen. Does anyone think I should send it to Hollywood?

It would be a multi-cam and laugh track sitcom. It would be perfect for TV Land.

Opinions please! I want this so bad! Also. Anyone know how to get in touch with MEK (his fan mail address) or of any production companies?

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