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AMC: Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Marissa: Reese wants to drag you and your family through the mud to get full custody of the kids.

Bianca: That's nice.

Marissa: I'm going to do the same to her.

Bianca: No don't.

Marissa: What the? You could lose your kids.

Bianca: Things happen.

Marissa: Well I don't have my head in my behind so I'm going to drug her through the mud.

Bianca: Fine.

For some reason CBL gave less effort in those scenes than RB does, not that the writing helped that particular case.

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I don't know who looked more bored in those Marissa/Bianca/JR scenes; JY or CBL.

You win, JY had more chem with CBL than he does with SaG.

I'm really starting to get annoyed by Michael Nouri just phoning it in. You don't want the job, then get the hell out.

Jangie flashbacks were so sweet.

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