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AMC: Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Marissa: Reese wants to drag you and your family through the mud to get full custody of the kids.

Bianca: That's nice.

Marissa: I'm going to do the same to her.

Bianca: No don't.

Marissa: What the? You could lose your kids.

Bianca: Things happen.

Marissa: Well I don't have my head in my behind so I'm going to drug her through the mud.

Bianca: Fine.

For some reason CBL gave less effort in those scenes than RB does, not that the writing helped that particular case.

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I don't know who looked more bored in those Marissa/Bianca/JR scenes; JY or CBL.

You win, JY had more chem with CBL than he does with SaG.

I'm really starting to get annoyed by Michael Nouri just phoning it in. You don't want the job, then get the hell out.

Jangie flashbacks were so sweet.

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    •   One of the best and most long-awaited takedowns ever. Finally, after 10 years,  Kim couldn't slither out of accountability. And it unified Nene and Kenya which was amazing in of itself
    • Thanks @slick jones That's certainly a rare, unique promo. The art is...questionable (Sandy and Lisa are identical twins), but such a great document for a lost era anyway.
    • That was my original impression, too. Aside from how long it took for anything concrete about Jordan's past to come out -- remember we had that whole interlude with her old roommate, Sheryl, too? -- the part that never worked for me was how Kate Roberts, who had gone through something so similar with Curtis, not only dated Clyde but took his side over Jordan. I know Jordan encroached on Kate's territory by getting with Rafe, but it made Kate seem both heartless and stupid to side with a man who had done to Jordan exactly what Curtis had done to Billie. One good thing Ron has done is address that dangling thread by having Kate own how awful it was of her.
    • IF ONLY Bravo could have filmed Jill tiptoing to Ramona's door with a doctor's stethoscope to listen in on Ramona's many dates.   Please also note that everything has been moved out of the apartment in that shot -- except for a prominently-arranged Zarin Fabrics Rug (c). Hustle hustle! Seriously, this should have had Peacock's careful touch, and I'm lowkey aggrieved that Jill made it an 'all or nothing' situation. 

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       Maybe, after the success of RHOM and RHUGT 3, it will be back on the negotiating table next year.
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