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this is all around awful.

rj and stefano hold rafe hostage (in the hoodie carly use to wear..) and swap him out with a look a like? why? just to [[email protected]#$%^&*] with sami more? because they have not done it enough? and ej is all lovely with nicole for a split second in that preview, i bet he then slaps him, or rapes her, or impants a tracking divice in her head, etc... but wait, then ej literally bumps into a new woman and they pause, fall in love, and thats nicoles sister!

no really, what the [[email protected]#$%^&*].

bo and hope reunite... daniel saves jennifers heart then sleeps with her, im sure... kate is judging other peoples mothering skills..

the only good thing was nathan/mel and that was mediocre, not that it matters because he is leaving...

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Rafe looks like he's in the actual Salem Prison not the Dimera basement. Two Rafe's is going to be a freaking disaster.

Nathan & Melanie: Zzzzz I could get behind this but with Nathan leaving it serves no point.

Bope: Meh. I'm sure the writers will rush them back together without them sovling their marital problems.

Daniel/Jennifer: AWFUL! Can Dr. McSleeze ever not get turned on by a patient?

EJ/Taylor: Cheesy plus Natalia is a awful actress.

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