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OLTL Feb 82 Summary

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From the March 16th SOD

Marco rescues a drowning Edwina. Gus and Steve arrive at Karen and Marco's tent in search of the plates and threaten Karen and Edwina. Marco reveals the plates are in the tank. Gus and Steve take them and depart without turning over the tape.Gus attempts to shoot Marco,but Steve intervenes. Marco then calls the cops and he and Karen turn themselves in,learning that Gus and Steve have also been arrested.

Even with Steve's confession on tape,Karen and Marco are refused bail.

Ivan hires a shady lawyer,Winslow Sandburg to represent Karen on the condition that Sandburg not reveal Ivan is behind it.He convinces Karen and Marco to let him represent them.Karen is bailed and Marco is suspicious that Sandburg won't reveal who posted bail.

Before she dies, Olympia tries to tell Bo something.Larry tells him that she did manage to whisper something to Pat.Pat refuses calls from Asa or Bo,but before she can leave town,Bo manages to get her to relay the message. Bo is stunned that his real father is Yancy and plans revenge on Asa.

Brad plays Peter the tape of Peter's confession to Father Champion about the baby switch.Brad tells Peter he has copies.Brad claims he won't try and get Jenny back and is only concerned with Mary's welfare.Peter states that Kat will have all the legal rights to reclaim Mary,but Brad reveals that he is the father of Mary and Jenny's dead child!

Larry tells Dorian he's going to San Carlos for a seminar being conducted by Hugo Wilde aka Ivan.His assistant Astrid welcomes Larry and has his luggage searched.Larry gets a little suspicious about Astrid's questions and Hugo Wilde's non appearance.Astrid states he is out of town but is contradicted by a maid,who later tells Larry she was not confused and saw Wilde that day.Meanwhile,Ivan watches all through a two way mirror.

Bo tells Ed he has some business to discuss.At Olympia's memorial sevice Bo rails against Asa,whom Ed arrests for bigamy,kidnapping etc.Asa is stunned that Bo pressed charges.Asa resists arrest and refuses Herb's help.

Clint confronts Bo,reminding him that Olympia killed his father and would have left Bo behind if she had have left with Yancy.Clint reveals that Olympia told him the truth in hospital.

Mimi is concerned for Asa and tells Larry she'll stay in Llanview and make wedding plans,much to Lucinda's delight.

Tony wants to buy MoreCliffe,but Asa refuses to sell to a friend of Bo's.

Dorian receives a letter from Melinda detailing the baby switch and tells Marcello ,who goes to see Melinda.Marcello believes her story but her doctor advises against revealing this now due to Melinda's fragile mental state. Marcello asks that Dorian not be told of his visit.

Mimi is worried when she's unable to contact Larry.Dr Cervantes tells Larry that Astrid was once tried for murder but Dr Wilde operated on her ,transforming her personality and obtained her parole.Looking through news clippings from Cervantes, Larry sees a photo of Wilde and realises he is Ivan.He tells Astrid that Hugo is wanted for murder in the States.

Bo offers Chuck a partnership,which Chuck accepts.

When Mimi finally gets through to Larry,he says he hasn't received her messages and will be back early and they can be married.Ivan confronts Larry and says that he has been cured of his sexual aberration and has made a major breakthrough in the control of the brain. Larry isn't interested in Ivan's claims that he's changed and says he's going to the US consulate.Larry enters the elevator,but Ivan's henchman enters via the trap door with a knife.Larry is rushed to hospital where Ivan tells Astrid that Larry is ready for surgery. He denies Astrid's claims of his Ivan identity.

Jenny decides to adopt a San Carlos orphan and Peter says he'll call Larry.He leaves a message with Cervantes,but Ivan intercepts it and destroys it.Not hearing from Larry or Cervantes,Karen urges Peter to head to San Carlos and begin adoption proceedings so that Jenny may not be so devasted if the truth about Mary comes out.

Asa has Brad arrested,claiming Brad cheated him by having him sign over stock he intended to give Larry and Mimi for a wedding gift.But Mimi questions Asa as to whether he is doing this to win back Sam.

Mimi warns Brad about Asa's plans and Brad makes several entries in the ledger.spotting the open safe,he helps himself to cash...

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When did Karen and Steve leave the show? Was it right after Larry and Karen (or was it just Larry?) had the chips in their heads and Larry rescued Karen?

So they were still trying to fit Tony Lord in around this time. It's too bad they just killed him off and never bothered to bring him back.

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