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CBS Thanksgiving Schedule 2010?

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Is the schedule for CBS on thanksgiving this year posted yet? I really want to know if they will reair classic Y&R/B&B episodes this year.


Sorry for posting the same topic twice. i did not try that, they told me i could not post cause i had already replied to something else and told me to wait three seconds, so i did and went back and re-started the topic, only to discover that my first attempt already was posted Grrrr! (why does that happen) and for some reason i dont know how to delete a topic....

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I know that while historically Y&R has always aired re-runs on Thanksgiving(once in a blue moon for the other soaps) they aren't really that classic. So most likely a Y&R re-run ep will air but we'll get something like the Lame wedding or even better, Liz Foster's deathbed reveal.

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    • Yes, unfortunately, along with the neurofibromatosis storyline (which I liked), Pam became increasingly shrill and so did Victoria Principal. The writing was not stellar for the character of Pam and the acting followed suit, especially in Seasons 4 and early 5. Miraculously, halfway through Season 5, with that great twist of Pam assuming Christopher was for her, something just fell into place. Principal 'woke up', so to speak, and started to become better and better. With the significant improvement of writing for Pam in Season 6 came a calmer but stronger Pam. By Season 7, Principal was a solid draw, turning in consistently stellar, intriguing performances. She had relaxed. She was magnetic. Season 8 was a highlight. She carried Season 9. It's only when she was thrown back into the Ewing household that it somehow diminished but then she left. I haven't seen anything quite like it before. In my mind, it was a reaction to her material - either she didn't like it or did, and it showed.
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