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GH: SOAPnet October Preview

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General Hospital: October 2010 Preview

October 4, 2010 4:05 AM By Joe Reid

October kicks off with Brenda Barrett's much-anticipated return to Port Charles, and things pretty much just go off from there. Get ready for some personality clashes, and secrets revealed, and big returns. But back to Brenda: now that she's back in town, look for some reunions with the most important people in her life. Her best pal Robin, for example. And Jax, of course. Not to mention the effect she has on a pair of Port Charlesians she never knew before this latest trip: Spinelli and Sam. Spinelli continues to totally freak out over Brenda, as you can imagine. It's quite a sight. Brenda and Sam's relationship is somewhat less enthusiastic. Are we leading up to a fight? A staredown? Whatever it is, it's only a prelude to the biggest clash of all: Brenda versus Carly! BRENDA VERSUS CARLY! Set your DVRs, people.

Then there's the matter of Brenda and Sonny, whose romance has never once gone smoothly ... and this month provides no exception. Sonny wants his second chance with Brenda, but she thinks that's a bad idea. They're such doomed lovers, you know? So Brenda goes to both Jason and Jax and asks them to help her stay away from Sonny. But can Brenda keep herself away? Also, if you think you know all there is to know about Brenda, buckle up! A new twist comes in Brenda's story that we truly, seriously think you are not going to see coming. But once it's revealed – wow it's gonna change everything. Any guesses?

Of course, with Sonny lovesick over Brenda, there's the small matter of the woman he cast aside for her. Claire Walsh is bent on getting back at Sonny for leaving her, and it looks like she's renewing her efforts to throw Sonny's butt in jail. It gets worse, though, because she's willing to ruin Jason and Michael's lives to get to him.

Lucky is still collecting evidence against The Balkan in Ireland, still posing as Ronan O'Reilly. He gets some unexpected help in the form of his dad, Luke! Of course, nothing ever goes smoothly when Luke gets involved. Lucky also continues to get closer to Siobahn -- look for some romance in Rome for the two of them -- and he eventually takes her back to Port Charles with him. But there's still the matter of the Balkan, who ends up ordering "Ronan O'Reilly" to kidnap Brenda!

Dante and Lulu return from their great Irish adventure and get thrust into Sonny's orbit once again….just not in the way you'd expect

Luke Spencer isn't the only big return this month. Look for Elizabeth to return from her maternity break. She returns to Wyndemere and finds Nikolas still working on his Brook Lynn "project." You think Elizabeth brought back her trusty judgmental face? Brook Lynn might want to prepare for it.

Also, if you think Lisa Niles is finished just because Patrick is able to rescue Robin from the well ... think again.

What moments are you most looking forward to this month?

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PLEEEEEEEASE post in the GH thread more. Can't speak for everyone, but I miss you.

I just hope you post when

Speaking of, why isn't that in this preview? :unsure: Did Guza do a last-minute rewrite? Or is he saving it for November Sweeps?


Trying to get me back to reality, eh?

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