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DAYS: Spoilers from Sept. 2 Episode


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Having now watched what's available a few thoughts come to mind....

1. Was it leaked by accident or to get fans talking???? We're talking, at any rate.

2. Sami didn't shoot EJ. I'm almost willing to bet Stefano did. He might love his children but he's not above "sacrificing" for the greater good.

3. Victor doesn't want Maggie to leave. wub.gif And PLEASE tell me Maggie's smart enough to know it's more than just his concern for Brady, she just doesn't want to examine those feelings right now.

4. I'm really hoping Dan turns out to be the one who switched the Paternity results, because after seeing him there with Chloe and Nichole, the guy has to have SOMETHING in the brains department..... doesn't he???

5. Vivian, Vivian, Vivian.... Gotta give you points for screwy thinking. No, you're not going to actually kill Maggie, you're going to confine her until you have her drinking again and show up in another country. BTW Darling, if you're going to have a note written in Maggie's handwriting, you might want to use her natural dialect. She would never say "Adieu"!

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