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AMC: Alicia Minshew Interview

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Coming back from maternity leave, Alicia Minshew returns to AMC as Kendall Hart Slater on August 9.

Soaps.com recently got the scoop from the actress about Kendall's reappearance in Pine Valley, as well as what we can expect from her onscreen husband Zach, whose portrayer, Thorsten Kaye, is only slated for a brief return.

Soaps.com: Kendall finally returns to Pine Valley next month. What brings her back?

Alicia Minshew: Oh boy. It's always some sort of drama isn't it? So, Kendall comes back because Bianca calls her and tells her that Ryan has had an aneurysm. [laughs] I'm laughing because it's always something. The reason she comes back is because she thinks Ryan could possibly die and he is the father of one of her children and she does not want Spike to lose his father. So she flies back to be there for him, to see if he's okay, and it turns out he's faking and then he really needs Kendall's help with Greenlee. So then she gets sucked right back into helping Greenlee and Ryan with something.

Soaps.com: Of course.

Alicia: Yeah, of course. It's just so typical and of course Zach is not happy about that. Why would he be? So Zach and Kendall deal with that issue, but they're okay. They talk things out and discuss why Kendall always has to run back to the drama and then Kendall and Zach have some nice moments together.

Soaps.com: So Zach and Kendall are doing pretty well right now.

Alicia: Right now they are. When they first come back they get into the little tiff about why she has to run back and try to fix things, but then ultimately, where I left it off, the last scenes that I taped with Thorsten are that the time away has been good for them. They've grown stronger. They worked through stuff. They actually talked through stuff as opposed to avoiding it, and where we left off, they're doing good. You know, let's see how long this lasts. Who knows what's going to happen. I don't know. It was nice to actually have some nice scenes with him for a change and not be fighting or something.

Soaps.com: The fans will definitely enjoy seeing that.

Alicia: Well that's good. I hope so.

Soaps.com: Since Thorsten Kaye isn't staying, how will they deal with Zach leaving without Kendall?

Alicia: I'm not quite sure how that's happening. He'll be coming back to tape some more shows with me, but I don't know what's going to happen in those shows. I'm not sure if he's going to go back and forth, if they can work it out with where Thorsten goes back and forth and just tapes a bunch of shows. I'm not sure. I'm as anxious as you are to figure out what they are going to write for Zach.

Soaps.com: So, there's a possibility he will continue to just pop up every once in awhile? <br clear="right">

Alicia: From what he said, he's open to it, but I don't know. I don't want to speak for him because I have no idea what his plans are. I just know he's coming back to tape some more shows with me. I'm happy about that, but I have no idea what it is. I mean, I'm dying to know actually. I keep asking him, but he doesn't know either. I think they're probably writing it as we speak.

Soaps.com: What about Kendall's relationship with Greenlee? How does she feel about seeing her again?

Alicia: They're both really tentative with each other. The first time they saw each other was in the hospital when Ryan had a head injury and they were not fighting. They kind of came around and had a few talks. The last scenes we had together, they were actually working together and Kendall was actually helping Greenlee. Kendall tells Greenlee she's staying in town and Greenlee says she's actually happy about it. So they're finding their way back to being friends, which is nice too. I love Greenlee and Kendall being friends. I love when they fight too, because they fight great, but there's something I think is really special about their friendship. I happen to love when Rebecca [budig, Greenlee] and I get to do the sweet scenes. You don't see that many female relationships like that on soaps, so I think it's kind of nice.

Soaps.com: I agree. Her other major female relationship is with her sister Bianca, but there's a new actress playing her now. What is it like for you acting with Christina Bennett Lind in the role?

Alicia: When I first heard they were recasting Bianca, I was like, 'Oh, are you kidding me? No.' I am so close with Eden [Riegel, ex-Bianca] because she played my sister for about eight years and that's another female I had quite a connection with in terms of, I've shared so much with her onscreen and off, it's crazy. She really is like a sister to me. I mean I see her all the time. I thought, 'Oh God. Whoever they hire is going to have to be an unbelievable actor and an unbelievable human being.' And they found one because Christina is perfect for the part. She is so sweet. When you first meet her she is warm and she has that sort of essence of Bianca that Bianca needs to have. When I first met her, we gave each other a hug and she was familiar with my work and I was familiar with hers. It was kind of a love fest. When we did the scenes it was weird for me because it was different, but as soon as I looked in her eyes and we started acting, I immediately felt comfortable with her and I believed her as Bianca. So that's kudos to her because I think she's doing a great jobmag-glass_10x10.gif.

Soaps.com: I've been enjoying her as Bianca and I think she's fit in nicely.

Alicia: It's different and it's going to be different. It's always an adjustment for anybody who's been recast, take it from me. They always hate recasts in the beginning. Why wouldn't they? [They're used] to the other person. But, as soon as the person makes their mark and does a good job and makes it their own, the audience can grow to love them and I think Christina is doing that.

Soaps.com: In terms of Erica, has Kendall dealt with her mother and Ryan's past relationship?

Alicia: She hasn't really even brought it up. She almost has joked about it, you know, like, 'Come on really? You had your time with me, you had your time with my mom.' It's to the point now where she thought it was ridiculous. She's kind of glad it's over because it kind of made her sick to her stomach. [laughs] She's sort of over it because she's over Ryan. She's really focusing on Zach and her boys, not who her mom and Ryan are sleeping with.

Soaps.com: Is there anything else you can tease about Kendall's return?

Alicia: Hmm…let's see. Kendall's return? I almost told you everything. [laughter] It's pretty much been pretty straightforward. There's no big secrets. I think the big thing will be what ultimately will happen with Zach and Kendall because the big thing is they announce they're moving back. They both make the decision to move back to Pine Valley for good. So that's kind of huge because they've been away all this time. Kendall and Zach both say, 'Okay we're moving back into our house; we're moving back for good.' And that's sort of where it ends. The real thing is what will happen once they move back? What's going to happen with the two of them? How's that going to be? I think that's sort of where the mystery lies is right there.

Soaps.com: Well, we're all looking forward to your return and it'll be nice to have you back.

Alicia: Oh, thank you. It's so nice to hear that because I'm like, 'God does anyone even care...'

Soaps.com: You must not go online then because people are very excited to have you back.

Alicia: No. In fact I purposely avoid it because I am afraid. I avoid sites like that because I just, I don't…you know, my baby is on my boob all day anyway. [laughter]

Soaps.com: You do have other things going on right now.

Alicia: Yeah, right now I do. Actually the website I spend my time on is Babycenter.com, figuring out, 'Is it normal for my baby to be making this sound?' and 'What do you feed a baby who's eight months?' Stuff like that. I'm definitely on the mommy websites which has been fun.

Soaps.com: I can assure you the fans are very excited to have you and Thorsten Kaye back.

Alicia: Oh, I'm so happy. That makes me happy. I'll tell Thorsten that too.

Find out what she had to say about her new baby and relocating to Los Angeles at All My Children Interview: Alicia Minshew Part One.

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They will fight a little bit, but Zach/Kendall will be fine for now, from reading that interview it seems they will be happy with each other, AMC isn't breaking them up right now. We will see some happy moments between them, and TK is coming back to tape more scenes, looks like he might decide to be on AMC in a recurring status or something. I would rather have Zen together, than Kendall/Ryan/Greenlee triangle again, so hopefully AMC can work something out.

I love the part where AM says Kendall is over Ryan, and she just cares about Zach and her boys. Thank god. I hate that she is coming back to clean up Greenlee and Ryan's mess, but at least we don't have to go through Kendall/Ryan again. Wonder where they will go after that's over.

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Reading more into the interview. Well at first I didn't want Kendall and Greenlee to be friends, but now after reading how it will go down I wouldn't mind if they were nicer to each other. They do have to work and be civil with each other over Fusion, and some sweet moments won't be to bad. Maybe it's better if they are all friends, and they move on from all the fighting and whatnot. It's better to bury the hatchet and move on, regarding these 2, IMO. AMC should keep the Ryan/Zach rivalry going, though. Zach should take Cambias industries and the casinos back from Ryan. Get this story with Kendall helping Ryan and Greenlee over with and move on to newer things.

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The irony is I like AM. She seems like a really sweet person and Lawd knows she's a hard worker but the thought of seeing Zendall on the show again, together or separately, makes my flesh crawl. I just want her to go away and stay away. I can just feel all of the progress this show has made slipping away.

For months it's felt like an Agnes Nixon soap. But little by little it's going back to being a Brian Frons soap.

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"What? You mean the ratings actually dropped for Thorsten and Alicia's return? Well, there's only one reason for it."

"Nobody cares about Zach and Kendall anymore?"

"No! Fans were afraid they'd run into that old fart playing Caleb and stayed away!"

"Uh -- ?"

"We can't let this go on any further, Caleb has to go! We'll kill him off -- no, even better, we'll recast! Is Jon Lindstrom available again?"

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It's like watching AMC be killed right before my very eyes.

It really is. I felt like a 2 year old throwing a fit when I read that "No, I don't want Zendall air time suck back"

The irony is I like AM. She seems like a really sweet person and Lawd knows she's a hard worker but the thought of seeing Zendall on the show again, together or separately, makes my flesh crawl. I just want her to go away and stay away. I can just feel all of the progress this show has made slipping away.

For months it's felt like an Agnes Nixon soap. But little by little it's going back to being a Brian Frons soap.


Watch the ratings do NOTHING when they come back. And watch me start the crow to boil for some of my fellow posters.

word to all of this...

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