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OLTL: Jessica spoiler

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So her parents and her daughter truly mean nothing to her. Big surprise there.

When did she even see Brody's medals?

And how did this turn into Jessica the victim of wicked Natalie and Brody? Are they doing this to push her towards Cris?

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Wait a minute...

You mean, they're actually going w/ "Brat"?

I don't know, but I think I've just received a hug from Baby Jesus.

I think it will be more like:

Natalie is shamed and feels like a whore.

John is disappointed, but she still pines for him.

Brody begs to get Jessica back.

Unless they have ditched John/Natalie. Then Natalie may end up being pregnant or being obsessed with Brody or something.

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Well since the post I made in this thread seems to be gone I will repost what I said:

Nat/Brody having sex or whatever is just another ploy to make Jessica the victim. AGAIN.

I hope they havent dropped the Cris/Layla aspect for obvious reasons. :lol:

Messica will turn to Cris after this, just watch. They are doing this to justify pairing Cris and Jess.

Natalie is going to inevitably go back to John, and then MAYBE just maybe we will get Brody/Layla.

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