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Recovering lost films and TV shows

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It’s crazy to me that a film from the 1990s could be endangered this way.
I really enjoyed watching this film when I was able to see it on A&E (I think it aired on that network) before A&E and Bravo became a repository for reality television. It was the first time that I remember seeing Tracey Ullman in a mostly dramatic role and Lily Taylor was truly luminescent in this role. I am glad that Nancy Savoca was able to buy the rights to her film and rescue it from obsolescence.

We fans of daytime drama often talk about how gems are seemingly cast off to the wayside but the industry but, I guess, this happens all around.


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I saw an article that the Library Of Congress plans to screen the infamous "Lost" 1972 Jerry Lewis film " The Day The Clown Cried". The movie was never completed/released. The plot of the film is about a washed up circus clown during World War II that is used by the Nazis to lead a train of children to their deaths in a concentration camp. In the end " The Clown" joins hands with the children and he walks into the chamber deciding to die along with the children"

For decades people asked Lewis about it and he refused to allow it to see the light of day and barely would discuss it. He said it was a bad film and a mistake. He eventually donated a copy to the LOC and stipulated it could not been screened till 2024. 



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"If it's pre 1950s and smells of old socks, get it out of the building because it's highly flammable."

Yikes! That paints quite an image. And smell.

Yes, I know I wish there were a treasure trove of reels from P&G soaps pre-1980s but I don’t expect that to happen.

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