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DAYS: Magazine Spoilers


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I knew that Peter and Kristian were going to love this material.

All those Bope fans said that they felt sorry for them having to play this out. Say whaaat?!

They're gonna eat this up!

I really hope that this isn't the end of Bo and Hope, though. I mean, surely it isn't... right? Not for good.

Oh, I also want to say that I'm a little disappointed that the story seems to stall until they get to the hospital. Chelsea thinks she hit a speed bump? Ho hum. From the time of the accident, I wanted instant drama. No waiting for the hospital.

As long as Bope end up together in the end, that's all I want. I don't care how much hell they have to go through to get there... they've really been wanting for a good story to call their own for a long time.

OMG How can you say "Sounds OK"

It sounds phenomenal.

Ehhh, keep in mind who's writing it. He gets the benefit of the doubt for now, but how many stories sound strong on paper and end up looking awful on the screen?

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Why the heck would they return because of this!?

LOL, King!

Tylerbo, its great you love Vivian and Ivan but they arent coming back because of Zach's death. If they didnt come back for Victors "death" or John having problems in the last few years, they wouldnt come back for this.

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the article sounds phenomenal...I'm so excited for this Bope story...I'm thinking we might get a trial out of this were bo takes chelsea's side and hope wants chelsea to fry in jail...

Queen Nubia is it true? you might tune back in...I think Rugrat is thinking the same thing...This should be Bope's best story in years..

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One of my old B/H buds gave me some details of the first week of drama and because of those I'm going to see about setting my two VCR's this coming week (one for AMC, one for DAYS, I'll see what I'll watch live when the time comes). I can't pass up a good cry BUT I only can get one VCR functioning at a time so this won't be easy, but I'll spend the weekend seeing how to get things working with both.

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    • A "progressive" has recently gotten a lot of attention online for being involved in a mapping project of Jewish donors in Boston (which has since been used by white supremacists) and for going on CCP-media  to decry Pelosi visiting Taiwan. Sure enough, she was glowingly profiled by NYT not that long ago.  
    • But they were cold and dying, needed warmth! lolol She did own up to it but by then she'd already "died" twice!
    • +1 to all of this Im shocked and disappointed to see Rena Sofer walk out because she showed again what a fantastic actress she is by playing Quinn. She made all of the outlandish material work - and elevated it to must-see TV. Adam & Eve anyone!? that said, 9 years is a long time and much longer than a lot of us predicted it to be. I was pleasantly surprised that in recent years Quinn become more than Wyatt’s mom - pairing her with John McCook really was a blessing. Now it also makes sense why the show eventually decided on ending Eric & Quinn. She is more fluid with Carter… I wonder if she will get a real exit. I really that she does. Maybe that diamond dude Ricardo’s death catches up on her and she has to leave town quickly. Or something totally different. Just please no non exit like for such long running characters like Nick, Jackie and Massimo.  
    • I've read 3 things that I think might be of interest that I did not see in this thread. A wonderful "review" of Anne's career & Anne's life, on the Roger Ebert website. An article in the New Yorker about Anne's stubborn incandescence. I've misplaced the URL for the third one. I'll find it tomorrow. I am one of those "F'annes" of Anne Heche  who has been positively enthralled with her since her first day in the bubble bath when she had to call Michael for help. Followed her career & life very closely all these years. Always been in a fan group. For the years that it was up & running I was on a web-based board that she was involved with herself. For days after the crash I couldn't sleep. I'm grieving but I'm trying to stay on side with positivity. I'm one of the Mods in a FB fan group helping out the Admin as she is now screening all newcomers & actively blocking, kicking, deleting negative posts, haters, people baiting, etc. The venom that is being expressed is disgusting. And, the Puritanical judgments are way out of bounds. One tiny surreal detail in this saga is that the renter had two dogs & a tortoise, all fine thank goodness, and the turtle's name is Marley. I believe that the renter just had to be checked out & given some assistance because of smoke inhalation, which is also a blessing. She also is having real help with her loss of belongings in the GoFundMe acct. that was set up for her & that people have given to generously. Anne was always very proud of her soap roots! She was proud of the work she did & of the fact that she memorized 60-70 pgs. per episode she was in. She adored her soap fans. She got a kick out of the fact that fans of hers began to call themselves F'ANNEs & she always had time to answer questions about the Love/Hudson twins. I found out last week that one of her primary scene partners at AW Paul Michael Valley who played Ryan Harrison has recently gotten a diagnosis of lung cancer. So, AW alums & fans keep getting hit with stuff. I'm a huge fan of MiT, Men in Trees, and was delighted to find that someone has uploaded both seasons to YT. There's no legal way to re-watch but there is YT. I think it would've been a long-running show if it hadn't run into the WGA strike, although they were moving it around from Please register in order to view this contentnight to night!
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