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This board is mainly positive about this story but I swear every single other board is bashing the hell out of Days for doing this. What really makes me mad is some of these people didn't mind when Y&R killed Cassie and they also complained that Days doesn't do real death and tragic stories anymore and is not traditional anymore. Thye are getting all that now and say they don't want it. Some even say that JER hates PR and is suing this story to punish him. WTF?!!! Peter loves Reilly and has always supported him and him and Kristian seem to love this material. Some Days fans seriously have issues and can't make up their mind what they want Days to do and be. Oh well I am gonna enjoy it as many on this board will. Its great that people here at SON are willing to give things a chance while some fans are using this in their vendetta against JER and Days. Its really sickening but I won;t let it ruin this for me at all :D .

Word. I am really sick of DAYS fans, in general. Nothing is ever good enough. They always whine. And I don't want to hear any of this JER IS A HACK crap either. They [email protected]#$%^&*] no matter who is writing it (JER, Morrina, Langan, Higley) - no matter how bad - no matter how good. Bring Sherry Andersen back. It won't do anything. They'll still be unhappy and [email protected]#$%^&*].

I'm with you. "Fans" aren't ruining it for me, anymore. I've really stopped caring about negative posts. I don't have the energy to read them let alone respond.

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Yeah KR I think she covers for Chelsea. I would love it if we get some good courtroom scenes out of this in which Chelsea runs in just as Billie is about to be sentenced and confesses. She is sent to jain never to be seen again. That way they could bring the character back some day (although I wouldn;t do it but whatever). That would rock. This story just keeps getting better and better.

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    • +1 to all of this Im shocked and disappointed to see Rena Sofer walk out because she showed again what a fantastic actress she is by playing Quinn. She made all of the outlandish material work - and elevated it to must-see TV. Adam & Eve anyone!? that said, 9 years is a long time and much longer than a lot of us predicted it to be. I was pleasantly surprised that in recent years Quinn become more than Wyatt’s mom - pairing her with John McCook really was a blessing. Now it also makes sense why the show eventually decided on ending Eric & Quinn. She is more fluid with Carter… I wonder if she will get a real exit. I really that she does. Maybe that diamond dude Ricardo’s death catches up on her and she has to leave town quickly. Or something totally different. Just please no non exit like for such long running characters like Nick, Jackie and Massimo.  
    • I've read 3 things that I think might be of interest that I did not see in this thread. A wonderful "review" of Anne's career & Anne's life, on the Roger Ebert website. An article in the New Yorker about Anne's stubborn incandescence. I've misplaced the URL for the third one. I'll find it tomorrow. I am one of those "F'annes" of Anne Heche  who has been positively enthralled with her since her first day in the bubble bath when she had to call Michael for help. Followed her career & life very closely all these years. Always been in a fan group. For the years that it was up & running I was on a web-based board that she was involved with herself. For days after the crash I couldn't sleep. I'm grieving but I'm trying to stay on side with positivity. I'm one of the Mods in a FB fan group helping out the Admin as she is now screening all newcomers & actively blocking, kicking, deleting negative posts, haters, people baiting, etc. The venom that is being expressed is disgusting. And, the Puritanical judgments are way out of bounds. One tiny surreal detail in this saga is that the renter had two dogs & a tortoise, all fine thank goodness, and the turtle's name is Marley. I believe that the renter just had to be checked out & given some assistance because of smoke inhalation, which is also a blessing. She also is having real help with her loss of belongings in the GoFundMe acct. that was set up for her & that people have given to generously. Anne was always very proud of her soap roots! She was proud of the work she did & of the fact that she memorized 60-70 pgs. per episode she was in. She adored her soap fans. She got a kick out of the fact that fans of hers began to call themselves F'ANNEs & she always had time to answer questions about the Love/Hudson twins. I found out last week that one of her primary scene partners at AW Paul Michael Valley who played Ryan Harrison has recently gotten a diagnosis of lung cancer. So, AW alums & fans keep getting hit with stuff. I'm a huge fan of MiT, Men in Trees, and was delighted to find that someone has uploaded both seasons to YT. There's no legal way to re-watch but there is YT. I think it would've been a long-running show if it hadn't run into the WGA strike, although they were moving it around from Please register in order to view this contentnight to night!
    • I'm going to miss her but I have to be happy for her as "Station 19" would seem to be a good primetime gig. I've watched it a few times. I watch GH on Hulu & "Station 19" comes on right after. I wonder if they will recast. I can't stand what they're putting her through with her tolerating even for one moment the cowboy Cody Bell. I mean he is practically stalking her. But, she is well-placed with lots of connections, the hospital & her mother being two biggies.
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