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Shimi SOD Spoiler

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In the new SOD (apparently the same one that has the 2006 previews being posted on here) says that Shawn proposes to Mimi.


I don't know if this is good news or not. I think it is good in that they are engaged but I think it is bad in that it seems like JER is setting them up for a fall. I mean it isn't rushed since they have known each otehr for so long and have liked each other and he may choose to propose now because life is too short (due to the Claire and upcoming Brady family tragedy) and he doesn't want to lose happiness again. I don't know but Mimi better not become the villian and Shimi better not be ruined (although Shelle is growing on me lately). I also think this is one of the wedding hinted at in the 2006 previews for Days.

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Here is the article and some other spoliers for next week:

Shawn proposes!

Shawn and Mimi take the next step. While at the hospital, Claire is dying and Shawn ... “He sees how somebody’s life can flash before their eyes and he doesn’t want to waste another minute. He loves Mimi and thinks they should get married. It’s the most impromptu proposal.”

Mimi isn’t expecting it and thinks at first that he is going to break up with her. She’s surprised because she didn’t know how ‘truly deep down he wanted to be with her. She sees that Shawn is serious about her and those pesky Belle doubts go away.

They decide to keep the news to themselves. “She really wants to marry him,” says Fath. “She is so in love with him and Shawn’s been her dream guy her entire life. This is like a dream come true and she’s got no doubts as far as him being the one for her.”

NBC Gossip

Girl Talk

Shawn and Belle? Shawn and Mimi? Martha Madison started watching Days because it was so romantic. She hopes Shelle reunite. It would be a good payoff for people who’ve been waiting years to see them together. Farah Fath notes that there have been a lot of Shelle fans for six years ‘so a lot of them are close-minded to the Shawn and Mimi pairing.’ She can relate as she didn’t want Carrie to leave Austin for Mike. She doesn’t care who she ends up with, she wants a job. She’ll date Philip, Bo or Victor. Martha wants to be with Brody ‘please, please, please.’ Farah wants him too but Martha pointed out he is Mimi’s brother.

VCR Alert

12/29, Alex is arrested.

12/30 Sami throws a New Years Eve party; Chelsea gets into another accident.

What will happen

Shawn comforts Belle

Frankie helps Jen

Bo helps Chelsea

Austin tells his mother about his feelings for Carrie.


Days is gonna be real good next week and the in the weeks to come!! :D

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I love Shimi together. I am starting to develop a fondness for Shelle, too. I loved their recent hospital scenes. Very good stuff from both of them.

So, I'm torn. I really don't like how fast moving the Shimi relationship is going and that sends up a huge red flag for me. JER never moves couples at that fast of a pace unless he isn't really invested in them. I think he (moreso Corday) is trying to setup a tangible quadrangle that has fans torn, but after years of having Corday beat into our heads that Shelle was the "money couple" it seems pointless.

Oh well. I'll probably be happy either way but deep down we all know Shimi won't last, unfortunately. I do think Mimi will be the villian in it all, which I called a while back. It's just how JER does things. Remember John/Kristen/Marlena? Kristen was the do-gooder social worker turned lovable (well, with fans) psycho...

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I agree that this is somewhat rushed but not really since thye have known each other for years and Shawn doesn't want to waste time with life being too short and all. I get the feeling for some reason they want us to think that Shimi has no chance and then maybe they will shock us when they actually stay together. After all, Jason Cook was all set to leave Days-everybody was sure of it-and then they pair him with Mimi and all of a sudden he resigns citing that he loved where the story was going. In fact, if yo uread that little NBC gossip part above, it kinda seems like Martha still wants Shelle but has accepted that it may not happen. Farah likes Shimi too and wants people not be close minded so obviously they were told to promote Shimi and Martha seems to be grasping at straws as to who else Bell could be with. If the actors like it (and clearly Farah does and Jason really does since that was the reason it seemed that he resigned) then it may remain and they may just have to face complications every now and then.

Not that this means much but Corday said in November sweeps previews in SOD a month ago that he wants the audience to tell him whether it should be Shimi or Shelle. He didn't sound so sure abotu Shelle being money anymore so who knows all I know is I will enjoy the Shimi scenes and all the other good stuff Days has coming up :D .

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As a Shimi fan I think that Corday has had to back track a little with his saying that Shelle is the end game. He now realizes that Shimi is a viable couple and has a lot of fans.

Not only that, Jason loves Shimi as well and that made him sign another contract because he was good as gone from this show.

So having said that I think it is a little soon for Shimi to be engaged, but you know Claire's paternity will either come out just as they are about to get married or something like that. Maybe Reilly will shock us all and have Shawn still choose to stay with Mimi because he's told her he doesn't want to hurt her, and is happy with their relationship.

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