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AMC: Monday, June 1, 2009

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No bitches around today it seems..... Brianne Moncrief failed again today. Dear god. Erica and Adam :wub:

Erica and Liza :wub:

Everything else..... whatever. David's act of contrition to Amanda was interesting and well acted.... yay for Vincent.

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for what its worth I loved the Chandler scenes today. I thought Brianne did great as Colby today. She played those scenes perfectly and I definetly felt for her. She held her own against DC and JL

Enjoying Amanda and Jake but its so wrong of him to even consider lying to her about where her baby is going

Im glad Krystal is away rom David and I always loved her and Tad. Not so sure what to make of her being back in that house though after all the crap she's pulled. Kinda wish he had told her to get lost

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Is Pratt rewriting bc I swear I remmeber Jake talking to Colby about her conception last year after he started working at the hospital again

Actually, he was talking with Angie--July 24th 2008

Angie: What's up with you? You have a problem with the volunteer program?

Jake: Why would I have a problem with a volunteer program?

Angie: Well, why are you biting my face off?

Jake: I just said I'm not interested, that's what I said. I'm not just, that's what I said.

Angie: Is it Colby? Do you have a problem with her?

Jake: No, I have a problem with her father.

Angie: Oh, sweetheart, get in line.

Jake: You really don't know?

Angie: No, I guess not.

Jake: I just thought everybody in this town knew everybody's business.

Angie: Well, you know, you have to remember that I was gone for a long while. So, come on, let's have it. You have a beef with Adam?

Jake: Something like that, something like that.

Angie: Ok, so where does Colby Chandler fit in?

Jake: There was a time that Colby Chandler was Colby Martin, and I thought she was my daughter.

Jake: Well, look at you. You're not going to leave until you get all up in my business.

Angie: Not a chance. You know how nosy I am.

Jake: Well, all right. Well, this is the story about Liza Colby. You see that? Now, I know you have a history with her, but you wanted to know.

Angie: All right, all right, my bad. Go ahead.

Jake: Liza wanted to get pregnant, right? And I donated my -- my stuff, my -- my --

Angie: Your stuff? What are we, shy all of the sudden?

Jake: I don't like the "S" word. You know, my -- my stuff. And she agreed, under one condition. That I wouldn't be the father.

Angie: Well, how does that work?

Jake: She wanted to raise, you know, she wanted the child on her own.

Angie: And you were ok with that?

Jake: Well, you know, at that moment I wasn't in the market for a child. But then when she became pregnant, and it became a reality --

Angie: It was a whole different story.

Jake: I found myself feeling invested.

Angie: In Liza?

Jake: She understood because I was the biological father, and then, all of a sudden, I started to feel like I wanted to be a dad.

Angie: Except you weren't.

Jake: Adam Chandler, the sweetheart that he is, bought the stuff bank that, you know --

Angie: What?

Jake: And he switched my sample, my thing, with his.

Angie: Oh, my God.

Jake: He is really good at keeping a secret, because Colby was about a year old when I found out the truth.

Angie: A year?

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Angie: Plenty of time for you to fall in love with her.

Jake: Oh, absolutely, like I said, I was invested.

Angie: Oh, Jake, I'm really sorry that you had to go through that.

Jake: Just as I was about to get ready for that whole idea of fatherhood, and the rug gets pulled out from under me, along with the little girl.

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Jake and Colby never discussed it before. It would've been more than "just a conversation"--Colby would've gone ballistic then, just like she did today.

I didn't think we'd had the conversation yet--it deserved the moments like they did. I emjoyed ths scenes.

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I didn't think Jake or anyone else had ever told Colby. I still wish there had been a better actress to play out those scenes between her, Adam & Liza. They were okay but could have been exceptional.

I loved Erica's jealousy of Liza.

The Liza/Jake scenes were great, imo. Liza has good reason to be insecure about Jake & Amanda taking the baby away from her eventually.

I also loved David opening up to Amanda. His constant threats were just tiresome so I was pleasantly surprised when he showed a more vulnerable side to her.

Opal's reaction to Krystal moving in was perfect! I hope Tad & her don't ever reunite.

The one part of the show that was dull for me was Zach/Kendall, although I did enjoy her reaction to him thinking she shot Stuart. Now that they've both professed their innocence, this story can move forward.

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KWAK leaves David and goes back to TAD?! And on my birthday too? Why does this bitch the such heinous things on my birthday? June 1, 2007 she opens up the Spermback --- I mean, Comeback and has that ridiculous hypocritical speech about how everything went wrong in her marriage because of Adam. Now this year she moves in with Tad the others at Hypocrisy House?

I'm back to hating her. I only tolerated her because she was with David. Now she and the rest of the Martins in Hypocrisy House can sink in quicksand for all I care.

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