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AMC Thurs 3/5

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Parts I liked parts I didn't.

The lights going on and off was stupid.

I felt bad for Mary for the first time even though she sucks as a mother

Loved Erica comforting her though and Jack's face as he heard what she said

Loved Jack needed Erica with him :wub: :wub:

I liked the honesty in the memorials. Mary saying she forgot G's birthday more than not; Jack saying that she burst into his life in a dramatic way; Erica saying how they never saw eye to eye. At least nobody tried to pretend something that wasn't. I think Zach is a turd for not going after crowing for so long that she was one of his best buds.

David's reactions to Opal's comments made me wonder and I believe he knows where Greenlee is

Ryan just doesn't do anything for me

Zach was a total ass to Kendall and Erica. I can't stomach him these days.

Kendall made me well up a bit when she talked about her and Greens. I'm a Kenlee fan.

I hate that Lily, Reggie, and Bianca weren't there as Greenlee's family.

Liked seeing Erica/Jack/Kendall together.

Loved Jake's comments about Greenlee :lol: I really wanted them together.

I thought Aidan and Annie were adorable

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I'd be surprised. They would've had to have shot a tag like that back in January when Budig left. I think Becky and Eden left when they did because it's five seconds away from pilot season. Primetime shows are in their final few weeks of production for the 2008-09 season and actors are already out there pounding the pavement. I don't think TPTB would want to take that gamble, because if Becky does book a show and it gets picked up, she's locked in anywhere from 13 weeks to 5 years... and after the whole Sabine Singh fiasco, I doubt they'd want to revisit that sink hole.

So, I hope the writers are being smart about this and they're simply laying down the foundation, yet not paint themselves into a corner. They've done a good job being very sly with the whole David connection. Amanda saw him in Connecticut, Krystal noticed he'd been gone without a trace that entire day and night, and David's been getting mysterious phone calls.

However, we also know that David's been getting phone calls from that nurse at the hospital in regards to Amanda... and it was only Amanda who thought she saw him in Connecticut, so if anything, they can use that as part of the David/Amanda story to explain that.

Maybe I am giving too much credit, but it does seem to be a good way to facilitate a return without exactly banking on a return by actually SHOWING Greenlee.

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I watched today because I knew about the memorial and I'll take any J/E interaction I can get. ITA about them. :wub:

At least Pratt paid attention to SOME history <_<

The pig has her. Never doubted it for a minute

Pratt the loser wasn't around for L/R so he ignores them.

BTW watch around 3/20 ( or a day before or after) because I think Greenlee will be seen though I'm not sure how (in a dream or for real but I tend to think it's the latter;) From what I've heard RB shot something on her last day that was to air weeks later. I think this will be it.

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I loved the episode. But really, they couldn't leave Reese's story out of this episode? That could have been a great Friday cliffhanger and Zach is much more needed on the funeral of his BFF than here....

Erica/Mary scene was great.

No Lilly, Bianca, Sean, Barbara or Reggie mention was :rolleyes:

Opal was GREAT!!!!

But this is really sad. Krystal, Erica and Jackson lost their children in a period of what, 6 months? Seriously, which place is safer, Port Charles or Pine Valley? Or Llanview? :lol:

Cameron Mathison was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Dear Lord. Why is he overacting in every freaking scene?

Jerica :wub:

Not a big Kendall fan, but I loved her speech.

I am 100 % sure that Mary and David keep Greenlee somewhere safe. Maybe well, maybe in a coma, but she is alive...

Aidan & Annie are :wub:

With this episode, I really miss Greenlee. Is that bad? :(

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I really liked Erica/Mary :D . Made me nervous there for a second because I thought Mary would haul off and slap Erica or something, and all of their scenes from 2003 flashed through my mind really fast, lol. I was proud of Erica today.

Zach = manchild. No other way to describe his sour attitude at the police station. Just like a little kid to Jesse and Kendall. "It's not my fault, the other kid made me break the toys, I bear no responsibility whatsoever, wahh, wahhh, wahhhh." :rolleyes: It's okay reasoning for a 3 year old - not so much a grown man.

DIAF, Zach.

I loved Annie and Aidan - only part that was light. Annie seems in limbo between a child and a woman, what with "Aidan Devane" written in a heart and all. Kinda creepy to be honest.

Rebecca Taylor episode, btw, if anyone wanted to know, but missed it at the beginning.

EDIT: Daphne, yes it was Kendall that was driving, and Zach told her to follow his story that he was the one that was driving. So far, Reese and Adam know the truth I believe. I think she's sorry that Greenlee is gone, and misses her best friend, but she seems more focused on getting Reese out of town, moreso than she shpws actual remorse for killing Greenlee. JMO.

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Good lord how many people must be seriously injured or killed in order for Zendall can be together. Taylor - paralyzed; Josh - had his heart cut out; Greenlee - dead; Reese - blind. This couple really doesnt have much rooting value

Why the heck was Angie wearing red to a memorial?

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OK, brain fart -- was the actress who plays Mary Smythe also on Another World in the 80s and 90s? Donna Love?

Cameron's still crying without tears, I see. Major FF!

I'm wondering whether Thorsten seriously wants out. Whether he figured that Eden and Tamara wouldn't want to play out the "We're lesbians, oh, no, not really, now we are Zachbians" SL and said he'd be the fall guy. Maybe that's why we had a weird-ass promo with Reese kissing Zach (and not what actually transpired) and this sense of massive re-writing in January.

Can't believe Reese is not pressing GBH charges. Since she's been in PV, Zendall and the Kanes have ruined her life! One minute she had a life IN PARIS (I don't care how pretty Main Line Pennsylvania is) with her architecture, her life partner and the possibility of raising two little girls. Next, she's in hospital, injured and blind, the two kids she thought of as her own GONE, her life partner filing for an annullment AND full custody, fired from her job, with no friends or family supporting her. Damn. I would be suing Zach for major $$$$.

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