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ATWT: SID 2006 Previews!

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ATWT 2006 Prviews

Keith wants Lilly marry him but Lilly's heart belongs to Holden. Luke has issues and begins to act out.

New trouble for Mike and Katie?

At the end of the month, BJ is gone and Mike and Katie are survive. It will not be smooth sailing when Mike's cousin, Nick comes into the picture. Him moving into Maties life will definitely cause a ripple effect, wouldn't necessarily call him a threat, but a new energy exploding into their household.

How far will Emily go?

Emily and Paul find themselves under seige, Emily realizes her loyalty and love for Paul has driven her to lose almost everything. She is pushed to extreme actions.

Can Meg keep her secret?

Meg manages to cover up her part in the scheme for a time. When the truth comes out, there will be consequences towards her relationship with Dusty.

Jack and Carly Pay the Piper

Their lives are turned upside down after the crime they committed. Carly feels guilty about the position she put Jack in and she does some things......

Gwen and Wills new enemy.

Babs will interfere and try to tear them apart. She is going to turn the heat up to an extreme that they blow themselves up.

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How do they pay the piper? What things are they talking about?

Blow themselves up???? Is it talking about a break-up or what?!


Those sound good for the first of the year, but I hope that's not all they have in store for the 50th year!

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