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Y&R: Sony post some pics of the Paris shoot

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Bwah! Sony love themselves a little Eric Braeden. They have a little "Behind the Scenes in Gay Paree" featurette including lots and lots and LOTS of slides of Manly EB playing football (ok, soccer), and kick-boxing. Ooo la la! Roll on the French clichés.


The captions are Sony's, BTW.


Eric Braeden (Victor) and David Ginola bond over soccer. (DG = kinda hot!)


Fans may not know that Eric is an amazing athlete.


The crew seemed to enjoy their match as well.


Sharon Case (Sharon) was the consummate professional despite having the distraction of such a beautiful city surrounding her.


Joshua Morrow (Nick) takes a break at La Maison, a famous hot spot in Paris.


Eileen Davidson (Ashley) had fun off camera with her son Jesse. (OMG! So cute! He's her Mini-Me)


Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) was all smiles posing in front of the famous Eiffel Tower.


Eileen gets the full treatment and is ready for her close-up.


She still needs a touch up before the cameras start rolling. (Yeah, whatever. I want her jacket)


Jesse had some quality time with mom in between takes.


Eric and Eileen film on the river Seine.


It was a little chilly and Eric stayed warm by boxing with the crew.


Eric displayed his favorite kickboxing moves. :lol:


Don't worry! Nobody was hurt. It was all done for fun! (Bwah! :lol: )


...not his hotel room key. (Huh? :huh: )


Michelle looked like she just stepped off the runway as she posed with David.


Sharon goes over her script before filming began.


The cast was well cared for during their location shoot. Photographers, fans and crew followed them everywhere! (Huh? The tourists are all looking at the Eiffel Tower or something, not Sharon. The bodyguard is a nice touch, though).



Filming on location was a lot of fun! :lol:

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They must shoot her through a filtered lens on the show because I never noticed the lines in her forehead before.

Once again Sharon proves she belongs on what not to wear as she missed the memo about no mini-skirts after 35. Eileen was also showing off her nice legs but wearing much more dignified leggings or skinny jeans.

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He used to be a soccer star over there. Talented, theatrical, mercurial, exciting to watch, apparently. He's a fox!

He also was the face of L'Oreal for Men for a while.

I'm tired of the Sharon hate, too. And the Phyllis hate. Except when I do it, of course. :P No, seriously, you can love both or hate both but if you're gonna go after skin wrinkles and clothing, you might as well point out Eric Braeden's. And his Easy-Fit Jeans of Doom.

Eileen Davidson = stunning. That cannot be said enough.


Are you referring to this?


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