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AMC: November 4, 2008

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I like this (fake) softer side of David.

This Ryan sh!t is ridiculous. Hello people - Spike? Why would they take Greenlee before Spike? And hello - Aiden is practically telling you that he's the kidnapper...which I don't know for sure, but that should totally come to their mind at least.

Glad we're finally getting more of the Taylor/Jake storyline...that was backburnered pretty fast.

Kate Hall is love!

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Enjoyed today's show.

I feel like all I do is gush about David everyday and yet that's what I want to do today.

Loving him schooling Jake, made him seem like a boy ("so dramatic").

Diggin' Aiden right now. I want him to lead Rylee on a wild goose chase.

Thought the editing of the different PTs getting hospital trays, etc tossed at them by Taylor was cute. I understand why Taylor's in a lot of emotional pain, but there is something kind of unsoldierly (at least in my mind, I could be off base) about her self-pity. The loss of going back overseas you might think would keep her determined as she was before trying to pull one over on the shrink. But I guess this is her real breaking point.

I admit I have had enough, services for and/or declarations of grief about Babe and goodbye scenes amongst the Chandler-Carey crowd. Though I believe them to be well-acted. And Little A is such a great little ham. I still get a kick out of him being able to talk.

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Zach and David!!! :wub:

Taylor, I get that she's depressed nd feels she lost everything, but throwing stuff at people that are trying to help her? What is she a 2 year old? I didn't find Jake's and Joe's exchange about it in the opening as cute/funny/charming as I'm sure they wanted me to.

Krystal's insurance claim for the Comeback went through fast. LOL

Not feeling the kidnapping. It's bringing the show down for me.

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