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ATWT:Luke & Noah Election Politics Storyline

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From the P&G blog:

Lannon Killea appears on As The World Turns as Mark and serves as Kevin’s campaign manager beginning on Wednesday, October 22, when the Oakdale University election season heats up. The cut-throat contest will eventually involve not just Kevin, Luke and Noah, but Casey and Alison, as well.

It goes on further to say that:

Yet soaps, which for so long have been trying to attract a young audience by featuring a young cast supposedly living relatable young lives haven't spent much time in the world of high-school or university politics a topic which, it would seem, is ripe for drama, passion, loyalty, betrayals, clandestine alliances and forbidden romances -- you know, all that soapy goodness.

Will ATWT continue to go where no soap has gone before? Tune in now and see!


I have so many issues with the second part of this blog with P&G praising themselves.

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The thing that I hate the most about Nuke is that they look so. damn. good. together in pictures. They're a highly photogenic couple, and it irks my nerves because everytime I look at a picture, I beg to know why the [!@#$%^&*] they couldn't have just made this couple make sense! WHY?

Luke/Kevin look better anyway.

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