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DAYS: Reilly returning?

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Bring Reilly back and let him go nuts again to get the ratings up. :)

If Corday can set aside his hate and no Stephen Wyman, Reilly won't have people trying to get him fired all the time. I think Reilly can work very well with Tomlin, Higley and Whitesell. Reilly can crank DAYS up again, in the way only Reilly knows how. DAYS will have buzz and will be the talk of the industry again.

Come on, Corday....let go of the hate!! :D

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Yup! A fresh Jim Reilly would be amazing. That man didn't have any rest for almost 20 straight years. I think he could come back to DAYS rejuvanted and get his creative juices flowing again.

:o So are you saying you woudn't mind JER coming back to DAYS? :o:D

Yup. 1998 was SuBe's best year.

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