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SOD: ATWT Interview w/ Barbara Bloom & Chris Goutman


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CBS Daytime's VP Barbara Bloom and Executive producer Chris Goutman chat about the on-and-off screen state of AS THE WORLD TURNS by Stephanie Sloane

Some quotes:

Digest: Would you like to be on SOAPNET?

Goutman: Absolutely. Absolutely. I have talked for years about it, but that is not within my domain. Listen, I would love to do a SUnday marathon of Guiding Light and As The Wolrd Turns, Brian?

Digest: Last question, Where do you both see the future of daytime?

Bloom: Anybody that can tell you the future of daytime is making it up. The future of network television is influx. I think that there will always be room for serial storytelling but the reality is that the business model is changing, and the delivery model has to change with it.

Goutman: I agree with Barbara. This is me speaking personally, but I do think five shows a week is an antiquated model. All over the world, serial storytelling is three days a week at most and repeats on the odd days and weekends. I don't think there is an appetite in this society right now to watch this show five days a week; they don't have the time or the energy. So I think that is going to change first and foremost. Whether the shows exist on a broadcast network or on cable, who knows?

Where The Boys Are

Goutman and Bloom didn't need to be asked; they brought up "Nuke" on their own while discussing what big events mean to show's storytelling.

Goutman: Events are only platforms, platforms by which we can draw attention to this very minutia of a moment of the relationships of the characters.

Bloom: And that's why Luke and Noah never became a big event. I'm very proud of the show for that, because there was this big outcry to make it platform and it wasn't a platform; it was what this show does best, which is very simple, romantic, truthfully told, multigenerational coming of age story about a person figuring out who they were. And that's why it works. Because you can tell it within the framework with a lot of other stories. If you take it out of that framework, you are not telling the story. you are exploiting a situation.

Goutman: I'm proud of the story. it is a risky story; it will always be risky in our society. But we will continue to tell it, because it's an important story, mulitgenerationally and within the context of the community of Oakdale.

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