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AMC: SOD Spoilers

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Thanks to Betty at SOC:

Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) is excited to be working w/ Beth Ehlers (Taylor) - their characters exchange words. Jake's interest in Taylor is initially mildly flirtatious.

Carmen is slated to begin dating Jack, but may be end up paired w/ an unexpected man.

On 8/18, a married Ryan (Annie who?) can't hide his "feelings" for Greenlee (the latest love of his life )...Kathy doesn't want to share Tad w/ Krystal...The following day Adam plots behind JR'a back to take Fusion for himself...

JR has his sights set on Fusion...Jake encounters a mystery woman & has his work cut out for him...Kathy acts out - against Krystal...

Performer of the week is Melissa Claire Egan who is tapping into new depths of her talent as Annie unravels...

Carolyn Hinsey notes that AMC neglects history...we never hear Ryan mentioning his siblings Braden, Erin, or even a very-much-alive Jonathan

New headwriter Charles Pratt thinks there will be great fun in putting Fusion's younger working women against the spoiled rich girls who are running it while so distracted by their love lives...

Commentary from an editor who notes that AMC won't give "golden boy" Ryan any shades of gray, & have come up w/ TWO contrived s/l's to free Ryan so he can be paired w/ Greenlee - first the amnesia s/l, followed by Annie becoming unrecognizable...& says that w/ Ryan's "lather, rinse, repeat" s/l's, we always know that Ryan will come out on top.

She much prefers the unpredictable, complicated, layered, & riveting Adam, who may do things viewers dislike, but is much more watchable than "hero" Ryan.

A viewer wants more Samuel/Dre scenes...

Pine Valley viewers are rooting for Aidan & Greenlee, a couple w/ real chemistry & who are a goldmine tptb NEED to keep together!

Honestly Pratt is starting to piss me off. Last I checked Babe & Amanda weren't exactly poor, and also last I checked Kendall is at Fusion more than most of them are, and when do Babe & Amanda get any work done? :rolleyes:

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