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AMC: Thursday, July 10th

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Yeah it was boring. And the next 2 weeks looks like more of the same. Well there's movement in the Ryan story but does anyone really care?

And if Pratt's stuff really does start on the 24th (despite the impossibility of his work starting to air just one month after he started work..assuming he really did not start until June 23rd) it's not looking too good. The 24th and 25th sound like more of the same...Randi, Sam/Erica, Greenlee Greenlee Greenlee

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All I enjoyed today:

Melvin Woods (he had character)

The look on Angie's face when Frankie came in and found her standing over Randi in Cassandra's bed. Looked like Angie was going to BEAT HIS ASS! Loved it. Debbi Morgan is so good.


Angie was REALLY all over calling her son Franklin today. It was several times this episode, I found it jarring. Whassup with that?

How is it that not even prison can stop Erica from having a day-to-day life doing TV shows, endless visitors and two love interests? And "because she's Erica Kane!" is NOT a sufficient answer. Who the hell is the warden in this prison?!

Can we recast Randi?

Am I the only one who can't stand Carmen and thinks she sticks out in a BAD way in Pine Valley?!

I love this yacht club on the water in Pennsylvania. Makes loads of sense.

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