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Best Currently "Unemployed" Daytime ACTORS

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I watched some just yesterday. And you are right there used to be a lot more. None that I have seen so far are of his best work. He had some great confrontation scenes years ago with Victoria Wyndham and Robin Strasser in which he was superb. I have never seen any of those show up.

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Sabryn Genet (ex-Tricia)


Shae Harrison (ex-Darla)


Mark Collier (ex-Mike)


Teresa Hill (ex-Eden)


Teresa Blake (ex-Gloria)


Tammy Anderson (ex-Mary Lynn)


Jensen Ackles (ex-Will)---(Got to give it up to my stand in!)

Sunset Beach:

Sarah Buxton (ex-Annie)

Edge of Night:

Margo McKenna (ex-Emily)

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wow -- when I read the list of currently unemployed actresses, I found myself nodding in agreement at nearly all of the names (well, the ones I was familiar with)

the men, not so much.

And rather than hurt the feelings of the other posters here, could we start a separate thread listing the daytime actors (and actresses) who most deserve to be unemployed?

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OK here goes my list for 'unemployed' actors....

1.Tom Eplin

2. Grant Aleksander

3. Sean Kanan

4. Charles Keating

5. Robert Kelker Kelly

6. Stephen Schnetzer

7. Matt Ashford

8. Wally Kurth

9. Billy Warlock

10. Shemar Moore

11. John Reilly

12. Ty Treadway

13. Dan Gauthier

14. Billy Miller

15. Tom Pelphrey

16. Scott Bryce

17. Forbes March

18. Grayson McCouch

19. Eric Steinberg

20. Vincent Irizarry

21. Mark Pinter

22. Timothy Stickney

23. Eddie Matos

24. Justin Torkildsen

25. Jason Shane Scott

the discussion for actresses was meant as one that would help daytime as a whole, (respected, emmy winners, cache names), not just actresses you like personally. Some of the actresses/actors I have listed, I have not personally watched but feel that they would help the industry by being in daytime.

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Matt Ashford

Sean Kanan

Dax Griffin

William DeVry

Eric Winter

Matt Ashford is "soap unemployed": he's doing a lot of theater and stage musicals right now, and he's done a couple of independent movies too recently. :D

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