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Best Currently "Unemployed" Daytime ACTORS

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Inspired by BayCityResident's thread (thanks, BayCityResident!), I decided to start a thread of my own. This time, however, let's list our favorite currently unemployed (meaning, they're either not working in daytime at all, or they're not on contract status with any show) male actors.

Here's mine:

Richard Bekins (ex-Michael Alcott, ATWT; ex-Jamie Frame, ANOTHER WORLD)

Larry Bryggman (ex-Dr. John Dixon, ATWT)

Nicolas Coster (ex-Eduardo Grimaldi, ATWT; ex-Lionel Lockridge, SANTA BARBARA; ex-Steven Andrews/Dave Gillis, AMC; ex-Anthony Makkena, OLTL; ex-Robert Delaney, AW/SOMERSET; ex-Paul Britton, THE SECRET STORM)

Lane Davies (ex-Dr. Cameron Lewis, GH; ex-Mason Capwell, SB; ex-Dr. Evan Wyland, DAYS)

Michael Levin (ex-Jack Fenelli, RYAN'S HOPE)

Larkin Malloy (ex-Dr. Weston, ATWT; ex-Travis Montgomery, AMC; ex-Clay Alden, LOVING; ex-Kyle Sampson, GL; ex-Schuyler Whitney/Jefferson Brown, EDGE OF NIGHT)

James Rebhorn (ex-Henry Lange, ATWT; ex-Bradley Raines, GL)

Richard Shoberg (ex-Tom Cudahy, AMC; ex-Kevin Jamison, EON; ex-Mitch Farmer, SOMERSET)

John Wesley Shipp (ex-Carter Jones, AMC/LOVING; ex-Martin Ellis, SB; ex-Douglas Cummings, ATWT; ex-Dr. Kelly Nelson, GL)

Michael Tylo (ex-Sherman Gale, B&B; ex-Rick/Alexander 'Blade' Bladeson, Y&R; ex-Charlie Prince, GH; ex-Matt Connolly, AMC; ex-Quinton McCord Chamberlain, GL)

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Lamman Rucker.

In my dreams, there would be a HOT triangle going on right now with Victoria Rowell, Lamman Rucker, and Tamara Tunie. I'll even throw in Peter Parros and make it a quad. LOL!

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Some great choices. I would also add:

Grant Aleksander

John Bolger (even though he is recurring on GH - he is basically unemployed)

George Reinholt

William Gray Espy

Stephen Schnetzer

Nicholas Benedict

Scott Bryce

John Gabriel

Gregg Marx

Gordon Thomson

Sam Behrens

Brad Maule

Matthew Ashford

Al Freeman Jr.

Oh and

Timothy Gibbs

Dan Gauthier

Bruce Michael Hall

and soon to be

Vincent Irizarry

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I'd love to see this man again on a soap, even if it were for a small, one-day role. I've seen clips of his work on ANOTHER WORLD on YouTube; and while I wouldn't say Reinholt was magnificent, I certainly understood why so many found him alluring back in the day. Even on his worst day, too, he couldn't have been worse than AMC's Aidan Turner or Cameron Mathison.

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Aw, I liked Gaskill, but ONLY on AMC as Bobby. He's been a misfit on every show ever since. He devoured PC as annoying Rafe, never meshed as Oscar on B&B, hammed it up as creepy BJ on ATWT, and practically never existed on GL as Dylan. What was the point of even casting him on there? But I'd love for him to go back to AMC as Bobby Warner. Palmer needs a "JR" of his very own!

So many others!


Jonathan Bennett

Matt Borlenghi

Jeff Branson

Justin Bruening

Chris Bruno

John Callahan

Christian Campbell

Jeffrey Carlson (but I'll only really like him in gender-bending roles, I think...)

Keith Hamilton Cobb

Mark Consuelos

Josh Duhamel

Colin Egglesfield (Oh wait... he still has a job?! Oh, my mistake...)

Dylan Fergus

Brian Gaskill

Michael B. Jordan

Larkin Malloy

Billy Miller

Alec Musser (this HOT man couldn't get a story?!)

Sam Page

Richard Shoberg (if GL ever needed to recast Rick Bauer... don't you think?)

Bobby Steggert

Mathew St. Patrick


Chris Beetem

Bailey Chase

Mark Collier

Paul Korver

Paul Leyden

Peter Parros

Zach Roerig

Lamann Rucker (YUM!)

Paolo Seganti

Jesse Soffer

Snickers the Bunny


Paulo Benedeti

William deVry

Dax Griffin

Ben Hogestyn

Sean Kanan

Mykel Shannon-Jenkins

Justin Torkildsen


Jensen Ackles

Matthew Ashford

Trevor Donovan

Brody Hutzler

Robert Kelker-Kelly

Paul Logan

Justin Melvey

Patrick Muldoon!!!!!

Wayne Northrop

Marcus Patrick

Mark Valley

Billy Warlock

Victor Webster

Dan Wells

Steve Wilder

Eric Winter


Jed Allan

Richard Dean Anderson

Real Andrews

Shaun Benson

Chad Brannon!!!!

Matt Crane

Josh Duhon

Jason Gerhardt

Anders Hove

Jonathan Jackson

Wally Kurth

Robert LaSardo

Stephen Macht

Matt Marraccini

Brad Maule!!!!!!!!

Leigh J. McCloskey

Joseph C. Phillips

Dominic Rains

John Reilly

Tristan Rogers

Kin Shriner

Andrew St. John

John Stamos

Julian Stone

Michael Sutton

CJ Thomason

Billy Dee Williams!!!!!!!!!


Grant Aleksander

Scott Bailey

Matthew Bomer

Michael Dempsey

Ethan Erickson

Frank Grillo (DA-YUM!)

David Andrew MacDonald

Oliver Macready

Stephen Martines

Tom Pelphrey

Jordi Vilasuso


Jean LeClerc

Randolph Mantooth!!!!!

Corey Page (Richard Wilkins)

Joseph Sirola (Gino Soleito; Is he still alive?)

Robert Tyler (Trucker!)

Michael Weatherly (Cooper Alden)


Timothy Adams

Hunt Block

Josh Casaubon

Thom Christopher

Christopher Cousins

James DePaiva

Nathan Fillion

Dan Gauthier

Don Jeffcoat

John Loprieno

Forbes March

Jason-Shane Scott

Kevin Spirtas

Timothy D. Stickney

Casper Van Dien!!!!!!!

Tuc Watkins

Jay Wilkison


Adrian Bellani

Justin Hartley

James Hyde

Eric Martsolf


Michael Dietz

Kiko Ellsworth

Eddie Matos

Nolan North

Brian Presley


Eddie Cibrian

Hank Cheyne

Nick Kiriazis


Jay Bontatibus

David Lago

Shemar Moore

Scott Reeves

Eric Steinberg

Paul Walker!


Ian Buchanan!!!!

Lane Davies!!!

Grant Show

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LOL! How could I forget Paul Taylor?

Tyler Perry, listen up, here's the cast to your next movie. :lol: He's already got Lamman Rucker on rotation (Why Did I Get Married? & Meet the Browns).

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