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April 1, 2005

Created by

William J. Bell


Lee Phillip Bell

Supervising Poducer

Edward J. Scott

Written By

Kay Alden

John F. Smith

Janice Ferri

Jim Houghton

Natalie Minardi

Joshua S. McCaffrey

Coordinating Producer

John Fisher


Kathryn Foster

Directed By

Sally McDonald


May 2005

Lighting Directors

Bill Roberts

Ray Thompson

Rod Yamane

Technical Director

Tracy Lawrence


Tommy Persson

Video Tape Editors

Marc Beruti

Zoe Edgerton

Rafael Gertel

Stephen Pierron

Clay Whitney


Robert Bosio

Scha Jani


John Bromberek

Luis Godinez, JR.

Kai Kim

Dean LaMont

Boom Operators

Mark Mooney

Luis Godinez

Mark Mooney

Post Production Audio

Bryan Aponte

Peter Mallard

Manuel Moreno

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