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October 21, 1997

Executive Producer

Paul Rauch

Written By

Barbara Esensten

James Harmon Brown

Nancy Williams Watt

Michael Conforti

N. Gail Lawrence

Kathleen Kennedy

Jeanne Glynn

Tita Bell

Sharon Epstein

Roger Newman

Pete T. Rich

Loren Segan

Directed By

John M. O'Connell

Senior Producer

Robert D. Kochman


Roy Steinberg

Catherine Maher Smith

Associate Producer

Alexandra Johnson

Assistant to the Producer

David Kreizman

Art Director

Rick Dennis

Scenic Designer

Maureen Going

Kennon Rothchild

Set Designers

Barry Axtell

Shelley Barclay

Costume Designer

Suzanne Schwarzer

Assistant Costume Designer

Alyson Hui

Casting Director

Glenn Daniels

Assistant Casting Director

Melanie Haseltine

Supervising Music Director

Barbara Miller-Gidaly

Music Director

Robyn Culter

Lighting Designers

Brain W. McRae, A.S.L.D.

Tony Girolami

Associate Directors

Karen Wilkens

Matthew Lagle

Stage Mangaers

Ann Vettel

Adam Reist

Joe Willmore

Production Assistants

Ilene K. Frankel

Rosemary Mooy

Assistant to the Executive Producer

Jan Conklin

Assistant to the Writers

Jill Lorie Hurst

Production Coordinators

Natasha Katzive

Rob Sullivan

Wally White

Production Manager

Ed Anderson

Unit Mangers

John Keeler

John Baxley

Facility Manager

Kimberly Armstrong

Production Adminstrator

Linda Mysel

Technical Director

Robert F. Eastman


Butch Inglese


Bill Vignari

Howard C. Rosenzweig

Videotape Editors

Thomas K. Bornkamp

Richie Sens. Jr.

Chief Engineer

John P. Valentino


Jerry Gruen

Mark Schneider

Tom Stallone

Bob Del Russo

Boom Operators

Tony Valentino

Eric Worth

Sound Effects

Joseph Gallant

Music Mixers

Tim Pankewicz

John Fitzpatrick


Doug Kent


Paul Gebbia

Joe Cola

Helen Gallagher


Linda Williams

Ci Ci Campbell

Ralph Stanzione


Rose Cuervo

Lancey Clough

Barry Mazurek

Scenic Artists

Ralph Cava

James St. Clair

Mary Citarella

Thomas Southern

Special Effects

Anthony Parmelee

Title Design

Wayne Fitzgerald

Theme Music

Rob Mounsey

Senior Director

Bruce S. Barry

Medical Advisor

Cora McCraw RN, BSN

Executive in Charge of Production

Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin

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