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The Untouchables of Daytime

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The Untouchables of Daytime Recast? Not with these characters

Denise Alexander –Dr. Lesley Williams Webber

Maurice Benard - Michael Corinthos Jr./Sonny

Steve Burton –Jason Morgan

Victoria Rowell –Drucilla Barber Winters

Jane Elliot - Tracy Quartermaine

Rebecca Herbst –R.N. Elizabeth Webber Spencer

Ingo Rademacher –Jasper/Jax Jacks

Wally Kurth –Ned Ashton

Tristan Rogers –Robert Scorpio

Peter Hansen –Lee Baldwin

Susan Brown –Dr. Gail Baldwin

Kin Shriner –Scott Baldwin

Genie Francis –Laura Webber Spencer

Ron Hale –Mike Corbin/Corinthos

Finola Hughes –Anna Devane

Vincent Irizarry –Dr. David Hayward

Teresa Blake –Gloria Marsh

Eva LaRue –Dr. Maria Santos Grey

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Rachel Ames –R.N. Audrey Hardy

Vanessa Marcil –Brenda Barrett

Constance Towers –Helena Cassadine

Barbara Tarbuck –Jane Jacks

Alison Sweeney –Samantha Brady

Don Hastings –Dr. Bob Hughes

Martha Byrne –Lily Walsh Snyder

Nancy Lee Grahn –Alexis Davis/Natasha Cassadine

Susan Lucci –Erica Kane

Kelly Ripa –Hayley Vaughn Santos

Kristina Wagner - Felicia Cummings Scorpio

Erika Slezak –Victoria Lord Davidson

Lynn Herring –Lucy Coe

Candice Earley –Donna Beck Tyler

Kathryn Hays –Kim Reynolds Hughes

Robin Christopher –Skye Chandler Quartermaine

Jeanne Cooper –Katherine Shepard Chancellor

Marcy Walker –Liza Colby Chandler

Marie Masters -Dr. Susan Burke Stewart

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Taylor Miller –Nina Cortlandt Warner

Suzanne Rogers –Margaret Simmons Horton

Jill Larson –Opal Cortlandt

Leslie Charleson –Dr. Monica Bard Quartermaine

Robert Shoberg –Tom Cudahy

Stuart Damon -Dr. Alan Quartermaine

Julia Barr –Brooke English

Doug Davidson –Paul Williams

Jacklyn Zeman –R.N. Bobbie Spencer

Colleen Zenk Pinter –Barbara Ryan

James Mitchell –Palmer Cortlandt/Peter Cooney

Melody Thomas Scott -Nicole Reed Newman

Eric Braeden –Victor Newman/Christian Miller

Deidre Hall –Dr. Marlena Evans Black

David Canary –Adam/Stuart Chandler

Elizabeth Hubbard –Lucinda Walsh/Mary Ellen Walters

Kate Linder –Esther Valentine

Anthony Geary –Lucas Spencer

Michael E. Knight –Thaddeus Martin

Susan Flannery –Stephanie Douglas Forrester

John McCook –Eric Forrester

Jess Walton –Jill Foster Abbott

Walt Willey –Jackson Montgomery

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The only few ones that cant be recast are Susan Flannery, (Stephanie)

Suzanne Rogers, (Maggie), Alison Sweeney (Sami) and Matthew Ashford (Jack), and Judi Evans (Adrienne/Bonnie)

But i must say Theresa Blake as Gloria and Deidre Hall as Marlena i think are two that could absolutely could be recast. Theresa i have forgotten, and Deidre what can one say, they can easily hire another woman in the same age, looking as a blonde doll like, almost have no lines, and smiling the phoniest smiles......................

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i dont think that anyone is unrecastable (is that word? lol)

however there are a few who shouldnt be recasted just due to fan love. mostly the vest on all the shows.

I love Alison Sweeney, but she can be replaced. Someone else can play sami, and i could even see a few actress pulling it off. .

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OK, I totally disagree with the idea that either Sami or Marlena could ever be recast. Deidre Hall IS Marlena Evans. that's why they have Starring Deidre Hall in the credits. And as for Alison Sweeny as Sami? Alison Sweeney is now the face of days for better or worse so there is no way after 15 years that Sami could be recast.

thankfully I don't think I'll ever have to worry about DOOL trying recast them.

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See, I love Ali Sweeney. she is the ONLY reason i have been watching days this long. But just because shes been in the role for 15+ years doesnt mean someone else cant take it on and do just as good as her.

And im sorry, but alot of people could play Marlena. Fans wouldnt buy it because Dee Hall is marlena and all. But its really not some complicated role that only she can do. Shes just knowen for the role.

There are char's on soaps that shouldnt be recasted because someone has been in the role for xx amount of years and they just.. own it yes. Susan Lucci is erica kane. KZ is Reva Shayne. DH is Marlena Evans. However, its not so much due to there amazing acting skills as it is to the fact they have just been doing it for xx years.

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I disagree that all roles are recastable. Not true at all.

Anyways these are the ones I feel are NOT recastable because of the mark the actors have made on the characters:

Erica Kane-Susan Lucci

Adam/Stuart Chandler-David Canary

Jackson Montgomery-Walt Willey

Zach Slater-Thorsten Kaye

Kendall Hart Slater-Alicia Minshew

Myrtle Fargate-Eileen Herlie

Opal Courtland-Jill Larson

Palmer Courtland-James Mitchell

Carly Tenney-Maura West

Jack Snyder-Michael Park

Henry Coleman-Trent Dawson

Margo Hughes-Ellen Dolan

Tom Hughes-Scott Holmes

Nancy Hughes-Helen Wagner

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Jess Walton (Jill)

Peter Bergman (Jack)

Jeanne Cooper (Katherine)

Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki)

Joshua Murrow (Nick)

Heather Tom (Vicky)--->She was replaced and you saw how that went!

Eric Braeden (Victor)

Kristoff St. John (Neil)

Victoria Rowell (Drucilla)

Shemar Moore (Malcolm, gone anyway)


John McCook (Eric)

Ronn Moss (Ridge)

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke)

Susan Flannery (Stephanie)

Hynter Tylo (Taylor)

Daniel McVicar (Bucky)


Deirdre Hall (Marlena)





Alison Sweenie (Sami)




Susan Lucci (Erica)


Erica Slezak (Vicky)

Generally, vets should never be fired and/or replaced. NEVER! Have some respect, studios!

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I thought they never should have recast Roger Howarth's Todd. Still think they shouldn't have. They could have kept TsJ as Walker Laurence IMO.

I think Vanessa Marcil's Brenda is unrecastable.

I always felt Sarah Brown's Carly was unrecastable. I think LW is a good actress but the character is so different at this point, IMO, from SB's Carly.

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I disagree, Minshew to me has never put any kind of mark on that character like say Sarah Michelle Gellar did. She is completely replaceable. Same goes for Hayley, she hasn't been on in several years and a new talented actress could take over the role easily, the same goes for the character of Gloria Marsh, but I highly doubt AMC will ever bring back those 2 characters. Now Eden Riegel & Bianca I would say are "untouchable."

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