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Another show that was cancelled due to mismanagement and lack of commitment.

Mary Stuart was Jo for the 35 year run.

Larry Haines as Stu for 35 years.

Jo was married 4 times and widowed 3.

Throughout the 50's and 60's Jo's marriages and the romances of her daughter Patti were the staple of the show.

Stu and his wife Marge were supportive friends.

Jo's sister Eunice was a major character for 10 years.

In the 70's Stu's daughter Janet and her children Gary and Liza were main characters.

The show was regularly in the top 5.

The show dipped in the ratings when long running core characters were written out or backburnered and the show focussed on young characters, with constant cast changes.

The same things continue on today's shows and the ratings continue to drop.

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The decision of CBS to cancel SFT, prompting its move to NBC, would go down as one of the most monumentally stupid decisions in soap history. Especially when you consider that even when it became CBS' lowest-rated soap, it was still getting very decent ratings. You'd wonder, if it remained on CBS, surely it would've lasted a fair bit longer?

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