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Van Hansis, Jake Silbermann and Alexandra Chando, As the World Turns

Ever since ATWT announced it was forging ahead with a groundbreaking gay romance for fan fave Luke Snyder, we were optimistically weary —after all, soaps aren’t the most reliable medium to tackle progressive storylines these days, thanks to network interference.

Introducing talented newcomer Jake Silbermann as Noah, the conflicted and seemingly straight son of a military man, was the first step in the right direction. Silbermann isn’t your typical younger leading man — he’s smart, sensitive, and uniquely sexy. Most important, his chemistry with Van Hansis (Luke) is simply explosive! Last week, Noah and Luke almost kissed, and the sizzle factor was off the charts.

In fact, ATWT may not be taking such a risk with this storyline when you consider that women were the majority of viewers tuning into Queer as Folk. After all, for women, watching two sweet and sexy men fall in love is akin to men salivating over The Playboy Channel or The L Word. Happily, the audience is already addicted to the non-couple — documenting every scene they’ve shared on www.youtube.com! And let’s not forget All My Children’s lesbian couple, Lena and Bianca, topped all the soap polls as the No. 1 love story on daytime at one point for years.

I’m relieved that ATWT is not only taking its time telling this historic story but it’s also writing it with gusto, sexual subtext, desperate longing and surprises. So far, headwriter Jean Passanante has impressed us with her plotting and character development — this storyline may just put her back on the map as one of soap’s top scribes.

On a side note, Alexandra Chando (Maddie) is hitting all the right notes in this story, and we take back our assertion that she didn’t deserve her Emmy nomination this past year. Chando’s become quite the little actress —and we’re thrilled that the writers have made the smart and hip Maddie aware that her courtship with Noah is a rebound relationship — and that something about Noah just isn’t “right.” If ATWT keeps this level of excellence up, expect the soap to sweep next year’s Emmy Awards!

RANT OF THE WEEK: On the other hand …

Speaking of ATWT, are we the only viewers who can’t stand the sight of Marie Wilson (Meg) and Scott Bryce (Craig) together? Bryce is the worst recast of the year, thanks to his overacting and embalmed face. Why didn’t ATWT ask Hunt Block (now Lee on OLTL) back as Craig? Imagine the fireworks he’d set off opposite Emmy winners Cady McClain (Rosanna), Liz Hubbard (Lucinda), and Roger Howarth (Paul). And while we’re ranting, Wilson is D.O.A as the fiery Snyder … puh-lease recast this storyline or scrap this lame story all together. ATWT, you’re almost perfect, so let’s clean house where it’s needed so the late, great headwriter Douglas Marland can stop rolling over in his grave.

For me, if Doug Marland is rolling in his grave, it's partly due to this off the wall assessment of ATWT. Scott Bryce looks "embalmed," But Chando deserves an Emmy for portraying Maddie's half-assed interest in Noah? :rolleyes: WHATEVER. The man has served Craig Montgomery to viewers on a silver platter off and on for 25 years! Furthermore, Marie Wilson has moments of solid work, but she can only do so much with the LAME story she has to play out. And what is so HISTORIC about Luke and Noah? Entertainment Tonight said it's because they're teenagers. Eh, if they say so. Bianca and Maggie were the 2nd gay couple I remember on AMC, because Michael Delaney had a lover in the 90s. I think people need to stop getting ahead of themselves, and let history decide just how historic this is. There isn't even a relationship yet! I'm talking about sex, moving in together, etc. And that's if Hansis and Silbermann decide to stick around. Oh, and the biggest crime of all - praising Passanante for the gay love story in spite of ALL the other crap she has written. What a crock.

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