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  1. There were 3 later Dark Shadows attempts. There was an aborted musical intended for Broadway. Rupert Holmes was writing music for it. There was a Fox pilot written but never shot. There was a WB pilot filmed but never quite finished and never aired, not picked up for series.
  2. Dark Shadows- hit by the news coverage of the gulf war right after it premiered leaving chunks unaired, then by the removal of the head of NBC. The new guy wanted his own material so zapped it. Rumour has it he changed his mind later and tried to revive it but most of the people involved had left the production company so the producer Dan Curtis wasn't able to get it going again.
  3. Maybe I'm confusing the 2 stories. It might have been the Wolfbridge I enjoyed.
  4. Was the Empire Valley stuff when Diana Gould was writing?
  5. with stuff that doesn't really hit the mark like Empire Valley.>> I enjoyed the Empire Valley stuff. I think the first season or 2 of Knots had a much slower style. Then it started amping up the pace and soaping things up more. The early episodes weren't so much serial as each episode a different storyline.
  6. There was also a soapy show with Vanessa Williams on UPN a year or 2 ago. South Beach? It was pretty good but I lost track about halfway through.
  7. Bernard Lechowick seems to have been involved with a show Hyperion Bay on the WB which may have been a soap.
  8. There were also Titans & Central Park West. As bad as Titans was I'd like to see it again all the way through. Same for Central Park West, but I don't remember if it was good or bad. I'd even buy those 2 on dvd if they were released. Same for Models, Inc. which I remember as having a great cast but awful writing.
  9. I wish SoapNet ran some of these. The few short-lived soaps they did pick were very odd and not very good. There was a not so soapy thing about a senator & his family which had a good cast but was very dull. They also had a dull show with Dana Delany, actually also a good cast but not much spark to it. But none of these others I'd like to see. AmericanLife ran Flamingo Road a few years ago but I could never get to the beginning so I could start watching it. They ran it together with Homefront but kept Homefront on a lot longer. Both gone now. They're running St. Elsewhere, Hill St. Blues and LA Law now instead. I wonder if that AOL streaming service has any of these shows?
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