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Hey let's get a discussion going on family. So do you come from a large or a rather small family? Or medium sized? Mine is definitely a large one and here are some facts with my family:

1. My great grandmother (mom's side) had 20 children

2. My grandmother (mom's side) had 6 children

3. With me, there is my mom and two older brothers

4. My grandmother and father (dad's side) had 3 sons

So yea that's quite a bit, especially on my mom's side. Now your turn :)

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My grandmother on my mother's side is one of 4, but my mother has nine siblings. My grandmother on my father's side is one of 6, but my father has 12 siblings. So, on my father's side I have over 30 cousins, and on my mother's side about 22. As for me, it's just me and my sister.

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20 kids??? :o Were any of them twins? :lol:

My family's huge as well...although I don't think it's quite as big as the ones already mentioned. My mom and dad both came from families of six kids. My grandma on my mom's side had nine kids I believe. I have over 25 cousins in total...and that doesn't include cousins in my extended family who I see a lot more of than some of my first cousins.

I have friends who don't even have any cousins..I just can't imagine being in that kind of family!

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She had four sets of twins so almost half were twins. And incidentally enough, I am a twin myself so twins run in our family. Maybe I will have twins! :)

I didn't list my cousins so let me go through the list for now:

1. Aunt Edelie (we call her Fat Eddie. She is a snob)-3 sons (3 cousins)

2. Aunt Sandy-1 daughter (1 cousin)....Sandy's daughter has a daughter named Stephanie so she is my second cousin

3. Uncle Butch-2 sons I believe (2 cousins)

4. Aunt Penny-1 son (1 cousin)

5. Uncle Joey-0 children (no cousins)

6. Uncle Roger-1 daughter (1 cousin)

7. Uncle Darryl-0 children (no cousins)

*The only cousin I keep in contact with is Aunt Sandy's daughter, Dana, and Dana's daughter Stephanie (my second cousin)

So cousins for me is not quite as big as others here with just 8 (9 if you count the one second cousin)

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On my father's side-

1. my grandmother was 1 of 5/ my grandfather was 1 of 9

2. my father was 1 of 8- 7 boys, 1 girl

3. I am 1 of 4- 3 boys one 1 girl

4. As of right now there are 22 cousins and 23 2nd counsins- and more on the way

On my mother's side

1. My grandmother is one 4/ my grandfather was one of 6

2. My mother is one of 2

3. I have 2 cousins on this side.

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My mom is one of 10 kids. 5 girls-5 boys. I am one of 18 cousins. Have 7 second cousins. Very interesting yesterday when the whole family(minus the second cousins since they are mostly under 10) took a picture at my cousin's wedding. LOL

My dad is one of 5 brothers. Have 10 cousins. 9 second cousins.

Yeah I come from a big family :)

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Let me try to take a crack at this...

On my mother's side of the family:

My Nana & Grandfather had 6 children:

My mother - 1 child (me, the oldest grandchild)

My uncle Rob - 5 children (2 girls, 3 boys)

My uncle David - 4 children (3 boys, 1 girl)

My aunt Karimah - 2 children (twin boys)

My aunt Aisha - 1 child (boy)

My aunt Ally - 1 child (boy)

All of my aunts and uncles had children from oldest (my mom) to youngest (Ally).

I am the oldest of 14 grandchildren (me being 21)

My mother is engaged. When she gets married I'll have 5 step-siblings (3 older than me, 2 younger)

My Nana has 8 brothers and sisters....including one we just found (all with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren). My grandfather has 6 brothers and sisters (all with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and he's was a twin).

Over on my father's side

My Grandmother has one child form a previous relationship (my oldest uncle Irving) - 3 children (I think...all are girls)

Irv's kids are Tonya (who has 3 children...1 was adopted by my uncle, one she has and the other is w/ his father), Niki (don't really see her, but I think she has 5 children) and Di (no children)

My grandmother & granddad had 3 children:

My father - 1 child (me), 4 step-children

My aunt Carolyn Denise - 1 child (girl)

My uncle Lance - 1 child, 3 adopted step-children (w/ his whorish ex-wife) and her baby

My granddad is married to my step-grandmother (who has like 9 children) and most of them have children

My grandmother has 5 sisters (she was a twin) and 1 brother. All have children and grandchildren

I don't really know much about my graddad's family.

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My Dads Side:

- 2 Aunts, 2 Uncles, 10 cousins (all males, I was the only girl cousins); now 6 younger 2nd cousins (all under 8)

- Grammy is still going strong

My Moms Side:

- 1 Aunt, she had no children, so she spoiled us rotten


- Mom and Dad still married

- 1 brother, 1 sister-in-law, three nephews (6, 3 and 9mos)

- Me, and my fiance

- 2 god children

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My family? Hmmm, I don't even know how large/medium/small it may be, but here goes:

My grandma and grandfather had 4 children (2 each from previous marriages)

My mother--- 2 children me and my sister (older by four years)

My uncle Jonathan--- 1 daughter (she has 2 boys and 2 girls)

My aunt Arlene ----- 1 son (he has 2 boys)

My uncle Benny---- 2 sons 1 daughter (daughter has two sons)

On my dad's side:

Grandparents had 4 kids

My aunt Rosalind----- 3 girls 2 boys ( 2 of the daughters have 2 girls each)

My uncle Darrin (no kids)

My uncle Adrian (no kids)

My father---- Me and my sister of course. Plus a 1 son and 1 daughter from second wife (never met them, don't care to)

In terms of my grandmothers siblings:

Grandmother on my mother's side:

1 aunt----no children

2 uncles ----- total of five kids combined (1 uncle has four kids, and the other only 1 daughter)

Wow, this getting long:

Basically, I will say I have a huge family with close to 30 or more cousins spread from either Wisconsin and in New York. Add those relatives to the ones I listed and Yup, I would say I am a part of a huge family.

It's unfortunate that half of the relatives that I do know of aren't close to some of othe other family members....makes for interesting family reunions :lol:

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From my mother's side:

My grandmother and grandfather have only one child: my mom who has only one child: me :)

My grandmother has 12 brothers and sisters. Most of them have children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren sometimes.

My grandfather has a brother who had a son (he died recently) who has two children.

From my father's side:

My father has a sister who has a daughter and a grand-daughter

My grandfather had 2 sisters and 1 brother. They all had children and great children

My grandmother had 11 brothers and sisters. I didn't know them but most of them probably had children.

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